A short try for a definition of love, that I suddenly felt the urge to write in the middle of the night ^^


1. Love

Love... What is love? Honestly, I don't know. But who has ever known? We all have some sort of idea of what love is. Now, I will try to describe what I think love is.

To me, love is, when you know you can walk away, and spare yourself for all the pain in the world, and still, you could never, ever imagine doing it.

It is the thing that will bring you most hurt and regret through life. The things that you'll regret the most, and that will hurt you most, you will have done out of love.

Love is selfish and unselfish at the same time.

Love is the way we breathe, the reason we breathe, and the only thing that both can make us want to breathe for longer, and stop breathing at all. Love is the only thing, that can both tear a person apart, and put someone broken, back together again.

And most of all, love is this. Love.

There is no words invented to define or describe it.

The beauty of love never leaves, and never burns out, no matter what kind of cruelty the world is filled with. In the middle of a war, the soldiers would stop fighting, if they saw someone who really, really love each other, stand in the middle of it. Of course they would.

Love is, when you surrender who you have been, and who you are, for who someone else is. Love is, when nothing makes you stronger than the sound of their breath and their heartbeat, just the thought of them, being there, alive. You can run away from love, to avoid pain, but in the end, love will find you. There's no where to hide, no place to run.


Love is when you will sacrifice yourself for the person you love, without any hesitation. When there's nothing more natural, than enjoying this one persons company.

Love is pain. Love is regret. Love is getting hurt over and over again, just to realize that it will keep hurting. That is love. Love is to keep fighting through all that.

Love is the worst thing ever made, and the only thing we humans can breathe without, but never fully live without.

So... Run. Hide. Regret, hurt, hate, live, LOVE!

Let love rip you apart, 'cause only then, you will be whole. I know what I'm talking about.

Get heartbroken, get hurt, get your heart ripped out.


'Because, in the end of the day; love does conquer all.

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