The Beast Of Mykonos

I Wrote This At School And It Is Basically About A Mythical Ledgend Who Has To Go And Fight A Beast.


1. The Message

Hidden in the depths of the lush green forest lived a tall,handsome warrior. This warrior was a warrior that got everyone talking. His name is Rodicon. He strolled along the forest gripping his golden sword in his right hand and his snake like coil of rope in the other. He has dark brown eyes which goes amazingly with his short,spiky hair and he occasionally has help from his beloved goddess friend Phoebieus.                 After sitting around in his hidden cave for hours he heard a sound from outside so he went out to investigate. Suddenly out of now where Hermes appeared “Rodicon a challenge awaits you over in the sandy island of Mykonos.”he whispered. “There is a beast disrupting all of the ships deliveries to the main land .You need to fight this best before its too late but be careful this is probably the most dangerous challenge that you will ever face. This beast has the head and neck of a giraffe, the body and claws of a bear and the tail of a seahorse and its name is Beahiffe and when you start your journey you will only have 4 days.” Then Hermes vanished into thin air. Rodicon was just sat there wondering,left in suspense!

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