A university dropout Laic tries desperatly to fit into society after being diagnosed as suffering from depression due to continued use of alcohol and marijuana. He seeks solace among his drinking companions in a rundown pub in umoja estate only for him come face to face with the reality of his sickness. The setting is in Nairobi's slum area.





                               BLACKMANS CURSE 1:

SETTING: Nimrods living room. A very intense argumet is going.

NIMROD; Nobody wants to see you fall, we are all family.

LAIC;        You dont understand. Nobody does. I wil not go back to that university. Never....its too small...too crowded.

NIMROD: Just listen to yourself Laic. You owe it to me your brother to come out of there with a degree. 

LAIC:        Useless pieces of paper if you ask me nothing more.

NIMROD: Then atleast think of the people who contributed money towards your education, what do we tell them?

LAIC:         Brother only non thinkers walk those corridors.

NIMROD:  Okay lets assume you are the only thinking soul in the entire campus....show me where your thinking has led you.    Listen to this letter from your doctor (PICKS UP LETTER AND STARTS READING) "Dear Nimrod, during my continued examination of Laic i think he is better off on a years break".

LAIC:         That two cent doctor wrote that! That drolling cheat wrote that!

NIMROD:  Let me finish Laic. "His condition has detoriated considerably so, that his perception of reality imagined seem to be confused. Many a times he gazes blankly into space. I would strongly recommend he does more manual work during his academic leave to help him deal with his confusions. I would also advise you to keep him away from his poems. They seem to achieve the very opposite of what they were intended to do, and that is to calm him."

LAIC:         He is a fool! He does not understand! I need to write my poems! Imust!

NIMROD:  Non has ever been published let alone been publicaly performed.

LAIC:          Blame the stupid university policies on that.

NIMROD:   Okay assuming they are as good as you claim, why dont you show them to your fellow poets. Maybe they can help you.

LAIC:           (EMPHATICALLY) I wil take my poem to them when i'am ready.

NIMROD:    Brother, you have now been suspended from the university for a year to seek medical help. And you know your stay here is always disruptive.

LAIC:            I wont stay here then, i will get a place of my own. I will work for this hands of mine are my salvation if need be to the bone.

NIMROD:      But you have never worked a single day in your life. Your idea of work is god forbid daydreaming.

LAIC:             I will work !

NIMROD:     Feel this calloused hands of mine. Hands of a worker not those baby soft pads of yours.

LAIC:            Since you are so concerned about me, did you take my sculptors to Yussuf?

NIMROD:     Yes.

LAIC:             AND!!

NIMROD:      And what?

LAIC:             Did he not even ask you who did them?

NIMROD:      NO!

LAIC:              Did he not even comment on the wood itself!

NIMROD:       Look brother, your sculptors are good. Very good, but they are all about you.

LAIC:               What on earth does that mean? What do you mean by that!

NIMROD:        Look Laic. I'AM tired, its 4am. Goodnight.

LAIC:              Dont walk away from me. I need you.

NIMROD:       (SLAMS DOOR) Goodnight.

LAIC:              (ALONE AND BROKEN DOWN, ON THE VERGE OF HYSTERIA) Damn it you- why me? Is madness solitude. Twentyseven years of loneliness, now it ends in this. A craving for alcohol thats crippling me. I need obliteration. To hell with soberness, its for the strong at heart, the normal and straight. Non thinkers.(GRABS HIS JACKET AND WALKS OUT) I'AM A POET iwill always be.

















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