1. O



Since Sunday Night , you found that even after 10 years nether those two towers could ever stand again parallel,nor the hearts that you broke got ever cured,nor the eyes that you closed got ever opened and nor the expect of tearful eyes got ever ended.


O , the sunflowers you cultivated in Sudan grew up towards the light but you did to the darkness.


O , how late you understand that you were not even a human kind let alone a Muslim. the paradise of your view was exactly that promised Hell.


O , you equally had the chance to be a human and you had rather not be so , however , to the rate of all the wickedness and crimes you did , you appended to the man history and you left.


O , the history of your two worlds is darker than the smoke of those two burned towers and that of your cluster bombs and exhausts of your terrorists motors.


O ,many people stay doubtful on the border of right and wrong your destiny , at least , is the certitude of their doubt.


O , i hope this abhorrence  make the people get closer , kinder more innocent to each other.

bye O :)


Sina Javadi Siavash Garde20022000

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