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1. Rasmus Seebach

Rasmus Seebach  

My favorite singer is Rasmus Seebach because I think he is very good.

Rasmus was born the 28/3-1980 at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. His sister’s name is Marie, his brother’s name is Nicolai, his mother’s name is Karen, and his father’s name is Tommy Seebach and he also made music but he died when he was 53 years old caused by a heart attach.

There was not many that had predicted that Rasmus Seebach should live of music. Because in the teenage-years Rasmus wanted to be a professional football player and then he came to play at the national youth team.

Rasmus and his brother Nicolai already knew from home that the music business was tough. That Rasmus should live  of music was a big surprise for everyone who knew Rasmus and also for himself. But Rasmus and his brother became interested in music at a young age. Because they lived with their father. Even though his father made pop music, Rasmus and his brother began to make rap- and hip-hop music in the teenage years. In 1999 they published a cd with the title Skakmat


He is 30 years old and he has won many awards including one for the hit “Engel”. He has also won a award for the best Danish singer. He has sold 93.000 of his records. Rasmus´ success will no one ever take over. His 1. album appeared in 2009  and was the 2. most sold album in Denmark and the album also came on first place on the Danish hit list.  

After one week’s sale has Rasmus already sold about 40.000 copies of the new album, “mer end kærlighed”.

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