Brain Farts Retweeted

Due to the over whelming success of Brain Farts #Lies Retweeted was conmissioned.


1. Prologue


If you read my first book am actually surprised you came back for seconds.. you greedy little hamster!

If you havent read my first book HOLD UP! and read Brain Farts, You cant start a saga on the second story, who do you think you are George Lucus!?!


I wasnt too sure what I was doing in my first book, but now am back and ready to #Splash all up in your GRILL FAM!


Please remember that Brain Farts are designed to entertain and not offend .... If you believe that shite you will believe anything #Mug 


Kind Regards


Benjy Wam 

Highly talented...just incredibly laZy
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