The Bakery Aisle

Typical of me


1. The Bakery Aisle

"Sorry".  You said with a shy little smile,

as you brushed your way past in the bakery aisle.

Your touch was so gentle, as soft as your voice.

Your eye's gave a message, then gave me a choice.

A gasp did escape me, my heart missed a beat.

Your scent filled my nostrils, a strawberry treat.

You moved ever closer, your fingers found mine.

Our palms met and kissed. Our hearts did entwine.

You whispered your wishes, your every desire,

knowing full well you were stoking the fire.

You pulled back a little, and we made our plans,

like two giddy school kids, still holding hands.

You gave me your number, and broadened your smile.

Then you left me to dream in the bakery aisle.

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