In the End

Sparrow is a bird that's not very wild, more likely to be, a name for a child. Even when the child is named, unlike the bird it cannot be tamed. A child is strong, stand up headstrong. And one day belong, so I right you this song.

Sparrow is nineteen year old, living in a gypsy camp since she was eleven. When her sister was killed, but by who? Today is the day she will find out. With her trusted dog, she will uncover the secrets of the Kingdom.


1. In the Beginning

For the last shadow of the cloud of the day has blended into darkness. A once unique form cast on the ground. Is now just the same. As all of those they dare not come close to, but yet. It ends like everyone else, forgotten, and unseen. Just like the rest of us, humans, animals, plants and shadows alike. Cast to the floor, under the surface, never to been seen again. But we all end up the same, in the end.
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