Ten Songs Unsung And Other Poems

Written and inspired by Eme, this is my tribute a collection of complete and incomplete ramblings and poems, mostly inspired by her love.

Thank you for being you
Thank you always


1. I want

And with every heartbeat, the bitter sweet memories fade a time so surreal a world so pure so perfect

Bodies rushing, pulses racing when we were one, the stars shined in our heaven

I promised you, you promised me, we would make it though would make it good enough, it would see us through

To steal a song to steal a line the perfect words that would describe this time

But the pages are empty the words have faded, what is left is gone in this heart its all forgiven

The pages turned the chapters burned.

Dont ever lose whats you, dont ever lose whats pure open your mind and let your wings unfold

Fly to the stars and play with the light, let it shine over me keeping away the dark

For this i thank you, for this i forgive you, for this i dream of one last chance to hold you

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