Secretly Told

Stoking the embers of a long gone relationship, still evoke all that there ever was. Although sadly, now serving only as a candle in the darkness.




I wait once again, for this scene to begin,

Directed by feelings held somewhere within.

This heart of a saint, fights the urges of sin,

It's all I can do,

It's all I can do.


I try to keep step, in this yesteryear walk,

The pleasure in hearing your voice as we talk.

As rain washes clean our two names wrote in chalk,

Forever brand new,

Forever brand new.


I witness what pleasures my mind can recall,

The shadows await, should my gaze start to fall,

I'm all I can be, and still nothing at all,

Your feelings so true,

Your feelings so true.


I let out a sigh, as your image does go,

I struggle to say what my words never show,

I hold what is real, and forever will know,

I dwell within you,

I dwell within you.


Let time hold these secrets for others to find,

Let all we believed in, not leave us behind,

My eyes see you not, yet this heart is not blind,

Joy known by so few,

Joy known by so few.



© Copyright 2011 Alexander - All Rights Reserved








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