Table For Six?


1. Introduction



Jimmy pulled himself along the cold, wet granite of his native Aberdeen, the blood from his recently acquired broken nose streaming down his face, mingling with rain and the tears rolling down his cheeks.   “Sh*te” he mumbled, trying to mop up his face with the remnants of his now tattered shirt, trying his best to look casual and innocent, as hard as that was in a ripped suit in the middle of a car park at 4 o’clock in the morning.  What the hell had gone wrong? Far the f**k was abody? Never mind, Jimmy-boy, thar’s Ian an’ the Transit.

“Jesus Jimmy” spluttered Ian, as Jimmy threw himself into the passenger seat, “Fit the hell happened tae you?”   

“It didnae go well, a’right?” Jimmy spat out the window. “Let’s just go”

“Should we nae wait for the ithirs?”

“Fa is thir tae wait on eh? I’m here wi the cash, Wee Goagsie’s deid, Tammy’s gaun the same way, I hivnae a f**king CLUE far Andy and Rusty have got tae, the polis are aifter me, I’ve got 20 grand in a fecking sports bag, a revolver wi twa bullets missing and I’m pretty damn sure I’ve goat half a bottil in ma airm. Noo can we nae just F**KING GIT OOT O’ HERE!” “Awright, Jesus, nae need tae get lippy.” Ian turned on the radio and pushed down on the accelerator. The Transit motored out of the car-park and into the falling rain.

After a while, Ian turned to Jimmy. “So fit happened?”

Jimmy stared out of the window.

“Weh f**ked up, Ian. Weh f**ked up…”

In the distance, sirens began to wail. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Hey guys,

My first shot at writing on here, so be nice!

If you like it, drop me a message. IF you DON'T like it, also send me a message. Oh yeah, if it's needed, I was thinking of putting a version up in "proper" English, so any feedback on that would be nice too!  See you next time!!


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