Autumn Love

The Last days of Autumn


1. Autumn love


The seasons have changed, and so have we. You once held me close, you once whispered to me until I had fallen asleep. But as the days have grown shorter, so has our love. I remember the first burnt orange leaf falling before me as I crossed the park to your apartment. When you opened the door, I couldn’t wait to tell you, but you turned, not even acknowledging my comment, and continued playing your video game. I didn’t want to do it. It broke my heart to have to tell you that I didn’t want to be with you anymore. I didn’t mean it, I still completely adored you, but the trouble was you no longer adored me. I was brave when I told you, you argued a little, but still you didn’t convince me that it was really an argument you wanted to win.

The seasons have changed, and so have we. Come winter, find me a new love.

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