my diaries

my diaries is all about my thought processes in various situations...


1. change, love and life

change is good when people change together, change is bad when people change alone...change is painful

it is never necessary that a love story have to have an end. its not science there are no facts or datas. few stories are left somewhere in between because the characters in changed and started two new stories and so their story was left incomplete.

its also not necessary that a perfect story is the one which has an end. the question is; if the story is so perfect why do people leave it incomplete? maybe because they do not know that they are leading to the genesis of something so perfect,and mostly these undone, unfinished things are the most beautiful ones.

change is good, but more than that its a fact. and we do not negotiate with facts. person change for good or for bad but he will change that is a fact. change is never welcomed it has to be adapted to. 

the stories that are left in the middle represents that everything changed. its beautiful when years later the next generation tries to knit the remaining part.

true love can never happen twice. you can not be born again. but true love does not come with a guarantee. you may never find your person. you may have to settle for something less. but who is your person then? no one knows. every person has his/her counterpart in this world, tis aint true. couples like jigsaw puzzels are only rare and they are destined to be together by the forces of nature. maybe because they are so good individuals that god chose them and bestowed them with the love of their life. as we say couples are made in heaven. they are the chosen one's. more than looking for your perfect soulmate what is necessary is to be perfect for someone.

you can love a person who may not love you back. it hurts to the soul. but then maybe you were extending your feelings towards yht lookalike of you mate in terms of character. you thought he is the rigjht one but he wasn't. this is not the point to be dissapointed at. it is the point to strenghthen your feelings even more and let love find you.








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