Life without you....

This is a story about a girl called Sammie who's life and family was torn apart by war.

Life without you is a story about a young girl's family who is torn apart by the tragic war, a family torn up and ripped to shreads, like an old piece of paper.


1. The Day you left

1914- Most people recognise this as being the day the war broke out and destroyed homes and businesses. But for me it was the day my family was torn apart.


My dad was opt to fight in war, as he had no choice he had to, saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing i have ever had to do, my mum walked out on me and my younger siblings, when times got tough she got her things and left, so it was just me, me alone, me looking after my younger siblings with no money and war right on our doorstep. I knew from the day Mum left our lives would be hell, and guess what, it was true. I knew it was going to get alot worse before it got any better.


Just days after war broke out my sister got ill and with the war and everything going on i couldnt get her to a doctor, i knew that if she died that would be on my shoulders for the rest of my life i had no money, no doctor and no proper medicine i could give her, what was i do to, i kept giving her fulids, i gave her  whatever food we had left in the cupboards and seens as we were on rashions that wasnt alot, however it kept her going for a couple more days. Then i awoke one morning to the sound of my youngest sibling, Emma shouting at me, "wake up, wake up" i awoke and Emma led me into where she and Chloe were sleeping and as i lifted the bed covers, there was Chloe not moving not breathing, there was no doctor around what could I do?, so i dragged her onto the streets and shouted "HELP ME, SOMEONE HELP ME" there was no reply, i kept repeating until finally one of my neighbours had heard and took Me,Emma and Chloe into her house. She asked me so many different questions i was in such a state i couldn't answer many of them, she was talking in a soft hushed voice to Chloe asking her if she could here what she was saying and Chloe didn't reply......

After hours and hours of trying to give Chloe food and water to try and awaken her, she finally awoke looking pale and almost blue. "let me get you a blanket dear" said the Suzie the neighbour. She wrapped Chloe up in a nice warm blanket and then went on to making all of us some nice warm choco. Our discussions wnt on and on and then suddenly, off went the warning sirens. "come one children quickly we need to take shelter" so we rushed out into the Anderson shelter and stayed there over night, I couldn't sleep at all that night, i was constantly checking in on Chloe and Emma to make sure they were both still there.

Many months have now passed since the war started and Dad had joined the army and mum had left, and Me and my siblings now thought of Suzie as knid of a mother figure, she fed and watered us, she said she would do her best to knit us new clothes to wear instead of our old tatty ones, which we had been in since the war broke out. Life without Mum and Dad is extremely hard but so far we have all come through just fine.

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