1. Boy

At the point of no return

You are left with only the burn

The scar of regret

Peeled off by desires secret

At the crossroads with no U-turn

Your choice will only lead you to learn

Be taught from your mistakes

Experience from your various wakes

You are human

Faulty and easily undone

You are man

Not so easy to comprehend

You talk of what you cannot do

You look but never actually see through

See through the hurts you create

Listen to the dignities you infuriate

You mock for the sake of it

You taunt just to put in your bit

You think you know

But boy, you need to grow

Grow into the skin of the man you appear to be

Fill in your own shoes and know your duty

You before your peers

You within your years

For you face the world on your own

And there will only be echoes if you raise your tone

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