Drama Queen


1. Drama Queen

In an attempt to find myself

I've been the protagonist to many plays

But the soul slipped away in stealth

And ever since, I've been left hanging in a daze

That soul, unbeknown to me

Left to find its own identity

And I...Where was I?

[Huh..] Funny that I should rhyme with 'lie'


Everyday a new plot unravels

Every scene filled with fantasy and marvels

We need no scripts nor directors

Just the company of a few fellow actors

Action and Reaction

Every dialogue holds its own passion

This is, after all a drama of new theatrical dimension

Every person to his position

Flawless in their delivery

Suspense of great intensity...



How can I hang on to every word

And still hope that my voice will be heard?



We stomp the floor, tip-toe at time

We've started as infants and have reached our prime

But our troupe slowly dwindles

With new acquaintances along the way it rekindles

Living in denial

Has made this merry-go-round not so fictional


Drama Queen, WAKE UP

Take off all that make-up

Your audience left a long time ago

The curtains are down, there is NO MORE show

...Maybe this time, you could rhyme with 'true'

People are waiting to meet the person that is YOU.

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