the breakdown

its a poetic description of how someone feel when he gets totally broken emotionally...


1. the breakdown

today i am sad, ohh how miserable.

i wept to the ocean, i wept to the skies.

but the tears don't stop, i don't know why.

a flickering candle, struggling to live.

injured flame due to heavy wind.

i pressed the wick and put it to rest.

a heavy thud inside my chest.

moisture of my eyes blurs my vision,

how can i stop my own annhilition?

noise of the silence beating on my ears, in my face stood all my fears.

all the wrongs that you do,

few things need compensation.

the candle is still, so dead.

the night is dark, so long.

death and darkness are my finalities,

they have nothing to lose and they don't lack in sincerety.

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