The Ring

In the land of Midgard, a wicked emperor is after the pieces of a broken ring that brinng back a dark and powerful magic. Only his servent can stop him from unlocking the secret. But how can a ten year old stop a ruler of the world? Part 1 of the Ring of Midgard saga.


1. Malven

Millions of years ago, a powerful sorcerer called Malven ruled the land of Midgard, destroying anyone who stood against him. He was virtually invincible. His success to power was the ring he wore. It was a ring of dark magic, made from coal and jet. But not everyone was with him. There was a resistence run by his good twin wizard brother, Venmal. He knew that Malven's power was from the ring, but had no idea had to get it off him. Then, one day a fateful day. During the war of the thorns, the ring fell off his finger without him noticing. At the same time, a weak warrior attacked him. Thinking he could take down such a weakling, he cast a powerful killing spell, that would normally be to strong to control for a normal wizard or sorcerer. Without the ring, the spell backfired on him. As the sorcerers warriors retreated, Velman picked up the ring, shining in the churned up ground. With it in his hand, he walked over to Malven. To Velman's surprise, Malven was weak, but very much alive. In front of Malven, he cast a spell to banish the rings mental self inbetween dimensions. But without its mental form it broke into four pieces, and cast its physical form to the edges of the earth.

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