En samling af mine engelsk stile.
A collection of my english essays.


1. The black spot of dead

I woke up as usual. I took my clothes on as usual. And I ate breakfast as usual. Seemed as if it would be a completly normal day. But what I didnt know, was that this usual day would start a series of events wich werent usual at all. Today I had to go to "Frilandsmuseet". We where on a classtrip, and on our last day we would visit the museum. It was a lot of old houses on one place, so it was built up like a little city. We all met in the garden of the hotel. Then we took of. I talked with my best friend the whole way, about almost everything. Denmark was a beautiful country, but almost as cold as England. When we where there we decided to spilt up, and then meet at the museum shop later. My and my best friend, Mimi, decided to visit the "haunted house" with some of the others. It was an old house wich apparantly had been haunted. There where curtains from the window so it was totally dark. There where burning a few electric candles, wich reminded me that we still where in the 21 Century. We sniggled and got to the bedroom. There was a  bed, with a little sign asking to not to touch the furnuture. After some time it got boring, since their werent any ghosts, and it was very modern with all the electric light. Suddenly all the lights got out. At first we got a shok, but then we all burst out in laughter. "Oh god, lets get out" I laughed. After a few seconds where we tried to scare each other, we decided to get out. Suddenly Mimi stopped. "The...the door is locked!" "Oh dont  worry" I said. "Lets get some light in here" I continued and walked to the window to move the curtains. As i removed them, I waited to see the light float into the dark room. But nothing happened. I looked and saw the windows where painted black. "What happened?" One of my friends, Jakob, said. They all came to look. Now we got scared. Everyone ran to the windows and moved the curtains. But every single window was painted black. I am still not sure what happened the next few seconds or minutes. First a scream, coming from Sara, then someone falling. "GET OUT" someone screamed. I stumbled to the door, the fell. As i hit the ground I felt something wet and sticky, like juice or..."blood" i whispered. Suddenly Jakob appeared beside me. "What happened?" he said. "I...I..dont know" i stumbled. He helped me up, and I looked back to see what had made me fall. I felt sick. In front of me Carly layed. She looked up with glasy eyes, her mouth half open. "She isnt..." i started to ask. "Lets get out of her!" Jakob interrupted. We found the others and together tried to open the door. Together we tried again and again. At last the door finally opened. I inhaled the fresh air. I found Mimi and together we sat down in the grass in silence, both thinking about what just had happened. Some of the guys had gone to look inside after Carly. They came out again and looked. They looked as if there where going to throw up, but we probably didnt look better. We found the teachers, and they asked us to show the house. I walked with them in the house to show them Carly. One look at her, then I passed out.

As i woke up, I was back in England. Apparently I had woke up a few times, to eat and drink and travel, but I couldnt remember anything. I took a shower and saw how dirty I was. My hair was greasy, and my skin was grey-ish and I had a round, black ink stain on my hand. After a delicious soup I started talking with my mom. The doctor had stated Carly as dead, and she had fallen, hit the table and then she broke her neck. My heart make a loop. The funeral was planed next Saturday. But then I remembered something. Carly layed several meters from the table, so she could impossible have it. How could the doctor think about something like that? But...what if Carly had been removed? "No no no..." I tought. It was probably something i imagined. Later at the evening my mom laughed and asked: "Are you sure you where showering?" "Year, why?" I asked confused. She showed me the black ink stain on my hand. It was bigger now, when I looked closely. I got out to wash my hands. I looked at them again. Still there. I asked my mom for help, and she said that I should use som nailpolish remover. After a few minutes I looked again. I must have rubbed to much, because the stain just got bigger. I told my mom, and she looked closely. "It doesnt look like an inkstain...maybe you have got a blood poisoning. Were going to the doctor first thing tomorrow." With my head filled with problems I got to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night, all sweaty. It had been a night without dreams, wich I was glad for. I looked at my hand. The black spot was still there. Suddenly it grew. It got bigger and bigger and suddenly my hand was all black. Now it got to my arm, almost like snakes crawling up. I ran to my parents bedroom tripped and fell. Then it got black.


Write a horror or thriller. Max. one page. 7a

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