trying to be posh!


1. Trapped in the one option!

It was Thursday. Another day at work. My husband asked me to go to a works night out on saturday. I replied with A sharp "nope!" His brows struck a point to be falling off his face. I shrugged and told him to ask 'liv.' (Our 15 year old teenager) Also known as Miss stuck up. She gets embaressed and replied a little harsh to my husband saying this: "Dad, there comes a time where you have to... stop trying to be posh!" Her nose was stuck in the air poshly. I walked by and let out a giggle. josh (my husband) turned round solidly. His blue eyes stared coldly at me. My eyes widened and I walked quikly towards the bathroom where I like to read my paper while sitting on the "Loo." I started to sing that addvert tune. You know that one when the little baby's on a wee scoot' going round the town and it sings: It's oh so quiet! The one that Kitty from the X factor sang last week! I hate her! I think she's bald. well I do. She looks like she's wearing a wig all the time! "Mummy!" shouted angie (my 8 year old daughter.) "Where's Mr. B?" Mr. B is angies stuffed bunny. I replie by saying "NOT NOW! Mummies on the Loo!" I am 'on' the Loo. But angie knows that 'on it' doesn't specificly mean having a wee. "Mum! Please tell me. I'm having a teddy bear Pick nick..." She says sternly. I roll my eyes and sigh. "go down stairs and look!" I get off the Loo knowing she's still standing there. Oh No! she's in her fairy too-too, or as she calls it... her toota-poo! "Angie! leave Mummie alone!" shouts liv. I walk downstairs leaving Angie and liv to fight this out over thier mums body! "Please go!" beggs Josh. "fine!" I scream. Josh looks at me surpisingly. "what?!" I shrugg.

Saturday... Annoyingly biting my lip. I was Trapped with the one option. So... I had to go! One line to All these things that I've done is: I got sold but I'm not a soldier! That is the truth to me! I leave the kids with the nanny and dress a little to young for my age (just to impress the works highest people, which includes my hubby!) We get there fast! We kiss each other on the lips to make everyone jealous. we walk into the fancy shmancy resteraunt. while we were talking to the manager, Josh's trousers were constently getting tugged up. My fist clenched the back of his breeks to help them stay up, but my hand was getting sweaty... So I let go. I regreted that move! They fell down! Soon Josh was the headline of every, single paper! And Obviously Liv was terribly Embaressed with her Dad. He was just.... "trying to be posh!"
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