The Pharoh's Mage

This story has characters from Doctor who series 2, I am not making any money from this story and I can not remember who actually owns it other that the BBC.


1. The beginning

'The Doctor', Rose Tyler and Captian Jack Harkness were on their way back to Rose's house when the TARDIS received a distress signal from a strange ship.

The TARDIS landed aboard the ship and the TARDIS informed 'The Doctor' that apart from the three of them there was only one other life-form on the ship. 'The Doctor' and his companions walked through the ship into a room called Pradicalis which the TARDIS translated to mean the room of the dead. 'The Doctor' and companions went further into the room but they could not see any signs of life.

"Doctor, where are the crew?" asked Rose,
"I wish that I knew the answer to that but I do not, sorry Rose" replied 'The Doctor',
"You should be more careful what you wish for" said Arthermist (fake version),
"Ok who are you?" asked Jack,
"That is none of your concern captain Harkness" said Arthermist (fake),
"You sound so human" said a shocked Rose,
"You were expecting me to speak a language only your time lord would understand, I expected more of you Rose Tyler" said Arthermist (fake),
"How you dare you speak to them in such a manner, he will have your head Kenuras" said Kerutas,
"You are no fun Kerutas" said Kenuras,
"You two had better not be scaring them as we need them to fix the paradox" said Arthermist (holographic version),
"I am so confused, you all look the same" said Rose,
"That is the point, we are ment to find the real one" said 'The Doctor',
"Clever time lord but can you find the real me" said Arthermist, he and the two fake vanished to reveal a room that had lots of mirrors with a gold sarcophagus in the middle of the room.

"Ok now I am even more confused, where do we start as the mirrors seem to have his image but which one is real?" asked Rose,
"None of them are him, however there is a demon behind one that will consume our souls if we wake it" replied 'The Doctor',
"So the crew met the same fate" stated Jack,
"Yes the signal did come from the crew but the bodies were destroyed by his guards" said 'The Doctor',
"So why don't we just open the sarcophagus" said Rose, the three of them gathered around the sarcophagus ready to open it when they felt a strange tug and disappeared.

'The Doctor', Rose and Jack woke to find themselves in ancient Egypt, Rose was the first to notice that the TARDIS had come back through time as well and this made her shiver.

"How the hell did we get here?" asked Jack,
"Time portal, very clever" replied 'The Doctor',
"I thought that only a time lord could create them" said Rose,
"They are the only ones that can, which means that this Mage might be a time lord" said 'The Doctor',
"I thought that you were the only one left" said Jack,
"So did I" stated 'The Doctor',
"Um, excuse me but my mistress wishes to speak with you"said Draconis. Draconis lead the three travellers into the main throne room and stated that his mistress would be with them momentarily.
"Welcome to Egypt 'Doctor', I have been expecting you" said Cleopatra,
"Oh my goodness" said a stunned Rose,
"Not quite my dear but close enough" said a smug Cleopatra,
"Why bring us here?" asked Jack,
"He said that he needed you to help fix a paradox" replied Cleopatra,
"Is he a time lord?" asked 'The Doctor',
"I do not know and I could not tell you even if I did" replied Cleopatra,
"My lady the mage is on his way" said Arthermist (real version honest),
"Very clever, however your necklace gave you away mage" said 'The Doctor',
"Time lords, you think that you are so clever, when in reality your not clever at all" stated Arthermist,
"I will leave you to your problems" said Cleopatra before running out of the room.

Arthermist turned and walked through a wall the others followed whilst wondering why the mage seemed to dislike time lords and as to why he had brought them here. Arthermist lead them to a secret garden that was filled with very odd looking statues.
"Who we're these people?" asked Rose,
"They were people that got me angry" replied Arthermist,
"This one looks really familiar" said Jack,
"That would be because that being was only captured yesterday" stated Arthermist,
"Wait a moment this statue looks alien" said a shocked Jack,
"That is not possible" said Rose,
"Of course it is Rose, most of these statues are alien" stated 'The Doctor',
"Why?" asked Rose,
"The paradox caused a ripple and these are a result of that ripple" replied Arthermist,
"So who turned them to stone?" asked nervous Jack,
"I did it would have made things worse if they were seen" replied Arthermist,
"Why bring us here?" asked Rose,
"I need your time lord to ressurect my grandmother so that we can fix the paradox" replied Arthermist,
"Which one is she?" asked Rose,
"She is the one with no head" said Arthermist before disappearing and revealing a statue that true to his words did not have a head and looked over three thousand years old.
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