Cold blood


1. The beginning

As i lay on my bed staring up at the ceiling i have a few moments to reflect on what happened that night, with the vampires. Just as mum called me my fangs dissapeared, she dosent now yet because i havent told her and i dont think i will. I got dressed, ate breakfast and did what other normal teenagers did. As i applied my red lipstick i could remember more vividly what happened but of course, i didnt want to. I didnt even want to belong to the vampire family. I couldnt talk to my dad because i dont know where he is and i cant tell mum because she kick me out... She would think i would probably bite her, suck her blood and kill her. I could never do that she was the only support i had. What if she ran away and stranded me? What if she hates me forever? What if........ " Sammie! Sammie! Come down here right now!!!!!" I thought i was for it then. I thought she had found out...BUT how? I trembled with fear. I was dreading to go down the stairs just in case she had found out, if she has then how?

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