Amy Donkey

Find out how a disabled donkey becomes a circus sensation.


1. Amy Donkey

Life can be tough when you’re a donkey.

More so when your legs are all wonky.

But even the wonkiest of donkeys know.

There are few places that a donkey can’t go.


Amy Donkey had heard it all.

Just because when she walked she looked like she’d fall.

Just because she found it hard to walk in a straight line.

And took steps to the side from time to time.

But Amy hadn’t ever fallen down.

And one day when the circus came to town.

She decided that with her friends in view.

She’d show there is nothing a donkey can’t do.


She thought about becoming a flying trapeze star.

Or balancing on top of a fast-moving car.

Or running about on a massive ball.

‘I could do that…I know I won’t fall’.

She wondered if she could teach the lions to be tame.

Or join the acrobats in their dangerous tumbling game.

Or walk across coals burning with fire.

Before shouting, ‘Yes…I will walk the high wire’.


‘Walk on a wire that’s so high in the sky?’

‘If you’ve not gone mad, then please tell us why’.

‘You think a donkey can achieve such a feat.

When you, Amy Donkey, have four left feet?’

The circus was full and crowded.

The audience fell silent and then a trumpet sounded.

‘Ladies, gentleman and children too.

Today you’ll see things you won’t believe to be true’.


The Ring Master told them all they would see.

And introduced the first act and in walked Amy Donkey.

The crowd started to laugh but Amy didn’t care why.

‘I’ve never seen anything so crazy, even when I saw an elephant fly!’

But Amy didn’t listen to their words of doubt.

And climbed the ladder rung by rung.

But by the time she reached the top.

She wondered what she’d begun.

‘Come on be strong,’ she said to herself and slowly edged a hoof out.

‘You can do it, Amy!’ she heard a voice a shout.


Before she knew it all her hooves were on the wire.

Her legs were getting heavy, her body began to tire.

But with every step she took and every step she made.

She began to feel less…less and less afraid.

After about six minutes she had made it to the other side.

And showed the crowd her donkey grin that measured six metres wide.


‘I did it…I did it!’ she said, then did a donkey dance.

And now when she walks no one gives a second glance.

Her friends realise now teasing Amy was really mean.

And though she can’t walk straight she’s the bravest donkey they’ve ever seen.

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