I hate Him!

An inspiring article, motivating all to better self.


1. The man in the mirror


I was born to win or so I think, it must be, why not? Ever since I was conscience of my existence I have strived to put me first, I run fast, I eat fast , I read fast , my life is constantly on the accelerator pedal, if my life was a car it wouldn't need the break pedal, why have one when my central philosophy in life is speed? If I had another philosophy in life it would be more speed that means I live on the fast lane, my indicators always on, overtaking the lazy morons who seem to lack energy to step on the accelerator or simply appear to be on hazard mode day in day out. Anyone in front of me is a threat, a source of discomfort to my emotions, in fact I get emotionally deregulated, if am not First, I just want to be first, when am not I get angry, very angry. Now, the catch is , anger is one letter short of danger and oh yes with my speed its obvious I live dangerously, that’s why I have made a few enemies, no am lying, I have made many enemies, I move too fast so my friends who can't catch up drop on the way, and those who catch up are a threat to my position, the pole position, I see better from the front, I visualize better from the top, to get to the top is my sole ambition, the price matters little, if I loose friends, Ill make better ones at the top, when I get to the top, I must throw them down as they occupy my territory, I dream better alone, anything around me or anyone around me is simply a roadblock, a nuisance, as a driver I maneuver around speed bumps without lifting ma foot of the pedal, I knock a few things on the way, not very few, I smash some, I hurt a number, I bruise many, am obsessed with me, that’s why the mirror is my best friend, it feeds my narcissistic appetite, i love me, anyone who doesn’t love me, is a persona non grata, an enemy of the state, a hideous animal, who cant but love me? who cant but adore me? the prized asset, the champion of champions, the ruler of rulers.... only my worst enemy can be so blind not to see, not to realize my potential.

Recently Traced and hunted down my number 1 threat , my enemy of enemies, I cant stand him, he s distasteful, pompous, arrogant and full of hype, a balloon full of air, a valiant warrior in his own war, where he is the only fighter and the only enemy winning only over himself, my worst enemy is a reckless driver, for good driving is more about the braking rather than the acceleration, with his mouth he creates more wounds and destroys more hearts than an army full of chariots, I cant stand him , I bet you cant stand him either, stinking he does, not from a lack of shower , which I can stand , but I have yet to discover an antidote to stinking cheap pride. Thanks be to Paul in his book of Romans he revealed to me vividly my worst enemy, and after many years of many questions i now have him sat in my living room with his head bowed in front of the mirror, yes all along it was ME! As I read the verse again I knew I had to share it, its the first thing I have ever shared so willingly, having been so selfish and egocentric Romans 7:24 "O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?" KJV. I hope I learn to share much more and accept that others can go ahead, that my sister can be first, I hope I can learn with time that I don’t have to pull anyone down to rise, no one must be pushed off to shove me in, we can all move together, my joy is not as a result of crushing someone else’s but contrary true joy is a result of lighting the spark of joy in others..... My worst enemy can be my best friend If I choose to let go that old man of sin and hatred, and put on a new garment of LOVE.

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