Crying Out For Natural Justice

Forget any part of any kind of belief that any other living being has put to you - especially Humans. This is just between You, and Me. If you have it in you to speak your own words from your own mind then by all means - you may read my words, as I would love to share them with you. However, I fear my words are not really meant for you, for this is a potential wake-up call to the few who matter, and a warning to those who don't. Either way - it's just a little something to sleep on!


1. Cold Hard Truth

They have been called many things. Figments from the farthest reaches of countless imaginations, Dreams and Nightmares - whether invited or invaded, and not just by the enumerate souls past, present and yet to be. These 'Legends' are so long-lived - they have transcended evolution it's very self.


Stories told and retold by such a precious few - and in languages far beyond the primitive perceptions found within Sol's domain - these dreams, these imaginings - whether dark or light, whether ageless, new - or yet to be, can only serve as pure testimony to these Legends.


Personally speaking though, having been where I've been, and done what I've done when I've been there, I don't rightly consider much of it particularly legendaryish, neither are they even dreams that sadden or gladden, nor are they the imaginings of those whether sane or a matter of fact, what they are is really quite simple - they're memories, or, to be more precise - my memories, for I am Seth, and I have out-lived all that will ever be.


Right, having said that - bear with me for the rest, because it's been quite a while since I was in this neck o'the woods - especially around this time-line - never did have much use for it. It's no wonder others I've met refer to Earth as Swamp'alaSol..! Anyway, as long as you appreciate the fact that I've had to seriously dumb myself down, so's that even your-types can bask in my gloriousment.


So, now you know - this thing's going to get a little skeewiff at times. On top of all that by the way - having drawn the short straw, I'll be darting back and forth now and again - errands and the like, you know.!! But none of that's terribly important at this particular here and now.


What is important however, is that all you are about to read is based on truth, so I'd better start with a bit of it my good self, and I'll start by admitting that I really did not want to return to anywhere near this particuliar space-time-line. "why?". "WHY?" Even to utter such a blatantly human sound, proves every word I'm about to waste is true. If that's the best you can offer - pig-off to YouTube and immerse yourself in what has become Earth's Holiday Brochure to those who are mercifully beyond human reach.


Anyway, like I said - my straw was not the biggest, so here I am - now be quiet and pay attention - unless of course you have something worth adding to the soup of niceness to which I have so graciously become accustomed, I'm only going to waste my words on you the once, so BQ&PA.


Around these parts, you'd likely call it 2023. Point of fact it was the day after what somebody told me was my birthday - damned if I know which one - but I celebrated it anyhow, and on this fine boxing-birthday (HEY, if your Jesus can have one - any bugger can) I was to be found feasting on the remnants of my birthday cake. Well, it wasn't so much a cake as much as it was a Carrot & Cannabis Crumble, harmoniously accompanied by a couple o'pints o' custard . . . Lovely.  Anyway, whilst mid munch, my phone cried out for attention, and was promptly given some. It was an extremely excited version of a lovely little lady friend of mine called Lynne, who - between grunts and puffs - was telling me "Not to go anywhere!" and "We've won" and that "I'm coming 'round now" and "get the kettle on", then all of a sudden it's "we're here - let us in quick".


I duly did as commanded and was rewarded with the iffy image of a somewhat bedraggled and frantic female type, with a totally unimpressed looking Basset in one hand, while the other hand waved a piece of paper in my face so feverishly, that she swiped my glasses clean off my nose. "We've won it" she blurted again, which made me jump because going by the colour of her face - I'd of thought she'd no more in her, but, there it was, and it looked like she was about to cut loose with some more, so I drew first and plaintively belched at her "Won what you mad moo?".


Right. Hold it just there for a mo', for amid all the shrieks and frivolity - I'm stood there like a plum, blind as a bat, steeped in bewilderment, and totally bereft of crumble and custard.  So . . .


10 minutes, a spliff, and a beltin' cup o'tea later, Lynne's had time to explain her current oddness, and the general gist was thus:- Lynne had been secretly doing that Euro Millions Lottery thingy for several years, but like so many others - had gained diddly-squat. In fact, for several years, no-one won it, and it just grew, and grew - £100,000,000, £200,000,000, 3... 4... 5, and still no winners. Eventually, the prize became a dizzying £50,000,000,000,000. However, nowhere on Sol's Swamp had anywhere near that kind of ready cash, so the deal became £100,000,000,000 a year for life, with a couple of Islands thrown in as a sweetener, and that’s what we won apparently! "Well!" I thought, "That'll be down-right handy..!".


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