Her story

Stephanie and her sister Lucy are sent away to the countryside as evacuees from London. They go through a life changing experience. But the question is can they live to tell the tale?

The book is a short story with only four chapters but tells the story of two sisters living in the war.


1. Off we go!!

Todays the tenth of september 1939. I was told that operation piedpier had come to my area. (Operation Piedpiper is evacuating all the city children to the countryside, it started on the first of september). This morning I ate a peice of toast just one with some butter for a treat. Then i went upstaris and packed my luggage which included: Pens, Pencils, Paper, Sweets, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Socks, Clothes (only the few i owner though) Hat, Hairbrush, A little case to put all my pens and pencils in, Book, Spare label; which had my name and where we were going, Coat, Ruler and my water. Though it sounds a lot it wasn't beacuse I managed to fit it all into my small case. 

After that I went downstairs and put my shoes on ready to go. To leave most likely forever. To leave my badly painted white room, my broken bed with sevral springs missing. I went out the front door with my mum, dad and my little sister Lucy with my head held high, as high as the blackbirdsi could see singing in the tree tops. On the way we could see the remains from yesterdays bomb attack; there were houses which were black with rubble and a massive gap in the road. When we finally got to the school, mum and dad said there finall goodbyes through heartfelt tears. I could hear everyone else around us crying which made all of us cry.

But my tears were not that we would not see mum and dad agin they were of me and Lucy be separted Lucy and I never seeing each other. Then Lucy collected our proper labels which read the following: Name: Stephanie Adram, Date of birth: 27th March 1925, School: St Marys High Street School, Parents: Louise and Peter Adram, Siblings: Lucy Adram, Destination: Trowbridge, From: London, Evacuee Number: 1236407. 

Then a last wave and kiss before we walked into the distance into the future, into the unknowing. We were walking down to the local station. So when we finally arrived after the longish walk to the station i hande mine and Lucy's tickets and together hand in hand we got on. Onto our next step. Where we were going i didn't really know and to be homnest i didn't want to know. I just had a felling i wasn't coming home ever again.

On the train i found Mary Lantoing; my best friend in the whole entire world we was like my sister. Mary was the one who could mabye shake the bad feeling i had and also help me calm Lucy down and happy. We both sat smelling the damp train and hearing the soft sobs coming from Lucy. Then the train started to move but only very slowly like a snail. But as the pace quickened i started to to see the station and houses turn into tress and plain devastation. I could just see the station and saw the parents and relatives wave goodbye to those loved and i saw that in every pair of eyes i saw sadness that they would  never see their children ever again and for some reason i belived them.  


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