Collection of Short Stories

It is a small collection of short stories.


1. Basil, Barrel and Honey *

The first sun rose slowly in the bright blue sky with a few wisps of cotton like clouds. Basil the long nosed black bear stretched in his long dark wooden bed, he yawned with a giant roar that would wake anyone a mile away. He got dressed in his light blue fleece and black jeans. He walked down the stairs from his ancient wooden panelled bedroom. The kitchen loomed in the morning sunlight, bathing his table clothed table waiting for the breakfast that awaited it. Basil strolled to his cupboard, and gasped in desperation at the empty shelves! “Where’s all the food gone,” he said as his large stomach roared like a lion.  Then he remembered, the night before he had a giant feast. Basil licked his lips and hunted for some more food. He huffed, and then turned to his back door, and walked out into the deep, deep dark forest slamming the old iron braced wooden door with a giant heave. Basil trolled along the path; his big feet causing small earthquakes as he meandered passed the tall dark trees and contorted faced trunks. Suddenly it began to rain; the path became a gigantic mud bath. Basil fought against the mud. He knew a tree, deep inside Dark Forest, it had the tastiest honey in Fabael. He smiled as he could smell the delicious honey. Suddenly he could hear the sound of buzzing in the air. “BASIL, BASIL, BASIL!” exclaimed a small voice directly in front of him. “What’s up Barrel?” asked the bear to his flying friend, Barrel Bee. “The Wasp’s are coming!” said Barrel in despair. “I’m coming,” he replied. The Wasps would raid the hive of honey and its bees. They needed the bear, luckily they were friends, and so were the bees. Barrel smiled as the bear that was quite round moved his giant bulk like an Olympic athlete. The ground shook as Basil ran down the long forest path. Barrel knew the secret of his large honey loving friend.  “STOP RIGHT THERE, BEAR!” said forty Wasps flying in front of him. Somehow the bear in question stopped, the laws of physics did change for a moment. Basil raised his arms into a crucifix Kung Fu stance, ready to fight in an instant. “You know I can stop you, Ringo,” he said. The wasp thought for a second. He had forty wasps behind him; he couldn’t stop them could he?  The wasps attacked the bear, swirling around him like a stinging tornado. Basil concentrated. Barrel knew the special face of the bear, and the all Fabael village secrets. “Ventosus flexuosus!” commanded the magical bear as spheres of semi-transparent emerald light materialised around Basil’s giant hands and diamond sharp claws. Magical stars and explosions erupted around the angry flying insects. A giant wind swirled around them. Suddenly they were gone, miles and miles away. Basil and his friends raced to the hive. The wasps were ready to attack. “Defendere!” commanded Basil in a magical stance. Suddenly the hive was protected with a semi-transparent emerald shield of light. The wasps bounced off it surface, trying to get the bees and honey. The shield held. The wasps seeing they had no chance left in a giant huff and very sulky. Basil got his morning honey in a bear sized jar, which he cherished lovingly as he slowly walked back home and his honey on toast.                                                 The End.  

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