Slimy Slug

Learn how an ordinary little slug became a star.


1. Slimy Slug

No one really liked Slimy Slug

He wasn’t a particularly attractive bug

And he was really rubbish at hide and seek

Because behind him a trail of slime did leak

Now choices in life for slugs are few

Because there aren’t many things a slug can do

They can’t put out fires, they can’t walk high wires

They can’t ride bikes, they certainly can’t swim

And a running race they couldn’t possibly win

So Slimy always walked head down

Wearing the biggest, greasiest, slimiest of frowns

When he reached an age, I forget how old

Slimy had had enough of always being told

That a slimy slug is all he’ll ever be ‘I’ll show you that there’s more to me’

Off he went, of course, quite slow

And behind him a trail of slime followed

The trail went on for miles maybe more

From where he was now back to his front door

Now can you think of any use for slime?

It’s sticky, it’s gooey, no use can I find

But Slimy was brighter, much brighter than me

And many uses for slime he could see

He opened a shop, put a sign outside

Someone asked a question and Slimy replied ‘Come quick, come all, come into my shop and see’

The things I sell in my shop called Slimy’

People rushed in as fast as they could

Not really believing that they ever would

Find something that could be of any use In a shop that only sold slime produce

So what on earth did all these people find In a shop owned by the ugliest of all bug kind?

They found a “bug that was happy” and “eager to please”

A bug that made them “feel at ease” “With a manner more refreshing that a cool summer breeze”

Were just some of the reasons they shopped at Slimy’s

Now Slimy is the happiest slug in the land

I heard recently he’s going to be in a band

And sing songs about how an unlikely star

Found happiness by selling slime in a jar.


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