untouched lonliness

ntouched lonliness is how pure your personal space is and at times its pure even more than spirituality....and evn if god is offered to you, you dont wanna lose your lonliness....


1. untouched lonliness

come to me if you seek happiness,

were the words which came from godliness.

but i was never let in,nor was ever cared about.

i was a far away little cloud,

hiding secrets within, surrounded by an untouched lonlness.


a silent space around me, filled with not even air

nothing can meassure its chastity, the depth of its divine virginity.

i couldn't trade it for happiness, my untouched lonliness.


it brings me the peace, a comfortable sense of ease.

a bubble which rise high, at the core stand i.

there is a sense of me here, my thoughts, my words and my smells live here.

even in the company of god i seek my untouched lonliness.


i her he non stop chattering ll around, ibut i contribute not a sound.

because in my own space, i dont need to conversate.

its not shutting down , it not escape, but a proud sense of propriety in the universe.


its as pure as temple, a familiar feeling of homeliness,

a place no one can intrude

my untouched lonliness...




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