Betrayal By friends

Rosie is an american girl who lost her father when she was still young. She lives with her rich mum. But this all changes on a trip to England. Will she ever get out of the endlesss trap?


1. The dream that lasted moments

Prologue: Rosie sat there silently as people read out how her father was a good man and how he loved and cared about everyone and how he would be missed. But all Rosie could think of was if he was so good then why did get cancer and die? Why? She knew everyone died but most people lived full lives then died when they were ready.

The four year old Rosie Snakeway sat there through the whole funeral her mother crying next to her she tried to comfort her mother but no luck. Rosie had thought that god was her friend but maybe it was a betrayal by a friend but soon Rosie was going to find out lots of people aren’t who they say they are.


On Monday Marley went about work around the house whilst I was in bed dreaming the most wonderful dreams. Captured in that one moment I must not think about anything but Harley the way in my dreams I could go up and touch him. He was real there he was mine and only mine but then the hover turned on and I was back to me and my boring old bedroom but still the dream lingered.

By the afternoon I had forgotten all about the dream and was happily talking to my two wearily looking friends Joanna, Natalie and Clare, when all of a sudden “The Evils” came up. The Evils consisted of four girls and four boys Rachel, Hannah, Emma, Katherine, Brad, Dylan, Olly and Tobi they all wore black the girls in black dresses with Evil written on it and the boys black jeans and black tops. The Evils always walked in a pack together always had the same classes and lockers in a row. They got their name because everywhere they go they either get someone’s lunch money or their homework anyway you get the idea. 

In health class earlier on Ms. Lillian was talking about dreams and how they relate to real life and why there caused but then I got lost in my thoughts about Harvey again then someone was saying my name was it Harvey it didn’t sound like him then I heard a loud thump and hot blood dribbling down from my nose seconds later I realized I had fallen off my chair and smashed my nose on the floor and now had a nose bleed. 

When I had cleaned my nose and was back in the class Mrs. Hadrian (our head teacher) said “Today Jasper Hindington is joining our school and will be in your class so can you look after him and don’t teach him to fall off chair Miss Snakeway” then Jasper walks in and everyone stops and looks him. Jaspers perfect. That’s what most the girls are whispering, and there right he is just like Harvey the way his eyes are stunning blue all to him wearing his coat down by his shoulders. 

At break everyone on the field was talking about Jasper and his sister Lilly. Apparently Lilly had the same shocking blue eyes like her brother but she was just a year younger than him, and wearing a long purple dress with silver sequences sparkling across the bottom, and they were right she was perfect too. Lilly headed towards me and in what felt about two seconds she was there I could see every curl in her perfect blonde hair. “Hey I’m Lilly Hindington I am a year younger than you but I was hoping we could be friends” her voice confident but kind very kind. I wanted to reply but didn’t know what to say so instead the reply came from Molly “Hi my names Natalie Langton this is Clare Hennas this is Joanna Randing and this is Rosie Snakeway oh and of course you can join us and be friends we could be the famous five” we all laughed at the last remark. 

After school Clare, Natalie, Joanna and are newest recruit Lilly all went to my house because my mum wouldn’t be back till about nine and well I don’t have a dad and Marley (our house keeper) would be leaving soon so it would be the best place. When we finally reached my big house in Malibu (that’s where the school is and where we live) Marley was about to leave but before she did she fixed us a mini meal of soup and bread and for desert chocolate cake then we all went up stairs to my room, “wow this is amazing you have a massive room all your walls are pink and you have a walk in wardrobe am I dreaming!” Lilly exclaimed, “Nope this is my room” I said.

We all sat down on my bed and talked about ourselves and our stories for Lilly to get to know us all. We talked for hours then we heard the door open then close “up here mum I have a new friend” I shouted and this is the reply I got “hi love I have a friend from work to” so I went down to meet this friend it was a man he was tall and had stubble he had green eyes and was wearing a black suite with a white tie he didn’t look anything like dad did.

At that moment Natalie, Clare, Joanna and Lilly came down the stairs “who is he? Is he your dad?” Lilly whispered I whispered back “no my dad’s dead I have no idea who he is” then the man spoke with a very low and grumpy bored tone “Hi I am Harry, you must be Rosie and these must be Natalie, Joanna and Clare but who’s this your mum hasn’t mentioned this one” he pointed at each of us in turn “This is Lilly Hindington she is new at school, and if you don’t mind me asking why are you in my house?”  “well Rosie this is Harry Dentoip and well he’s new at work and I thought I would show him our house he lost his wife last month so I thought that maybe we could talk and discuss what we did and things you can carry on playing now while we talk and phone your friends parents and ask if they want to sleep over and over the weekend we could all go swimming what do you say?” mum said giggling all the way through stuttering I replied “um oh sure thanks mum and I am sorry about your wife Harry”  “Its okay love” Harry surprising softly said.

So that night Natalie, Joanna, Clare and Lilly’s parents dropped off their luggage. Then we all slept in my room while Harry slept in the spare room. In the morning mum came in and told us to pack a bag for the weekend, so obediently we did then got ready for school because it is still only Friday then mum said goodbye and we walked to the car where the chauffeur was waiting by the limo, I could hear Lilly gasping under her breath because I don’t think she knew my mum was rich, well she’s not rich were just well off!     In the limo there was soft drink no fizzy though because mum doesn’t like it when I have a fizzy drink before school but there is chocolate but I am only allowed one before school, we all had apple juice and a Yorkie my favorite. When we got to school we thanked our chauffeur John. Everyone at school was used to my limo so no one was like Lilly when she first got in. My first class was gym but Lilly’s was Health class so we said goodbye and also said we would meet at break.   The Evil girls had taken the best changing spots and everyone else had taken all the other spaces so we had to get changed by the showers. After we were changed we all were called into the gym where we met the boys it turned out that we would have to partner with the boys so all the Evils went together and then everyone was sorted by Mr. Gunner Natalie went with a boy called Joseph. Clare went with a boy called Michael. Joanna went with a boy called Lewis and I went with the new boy Jasper.

In gym we had to get to know are partner because we would be doing trust exercisers so everyone sat down and had a conversation so Jasper and I did the same. I started “Um well I don’t have a dad because …………………. Um well he” I stopped for a moment then managed to hold the tears back and started again “Well my dad died when I was ten he was pushed off the top of a building I don’t know why though. But I live with my mum in a big house down Malibu RD. My mum runs her own business its called Twins Publishing they publish quite a lot of books. I come to school in a limo and my favorite: chocolate bar is Yorkie, school subject is English and flower is Rose after me because my name is Rosie Snakeway and that’s pretty much it”. 

Jasper then had his turn “My full name is Jasper Gary Hindington and I live with my parents in lower Malibu the road is called lower Malibu Drive. My parents are called Harvey and Lucy Hindington oh and I have a sister called Lilly Hannah Hindington I moved from Los Angles yesterday.  I do have a girl friend called Megan Hands” when he said girlfriend I stopped listening and lost interest in his life. For the rest of gym I was unhappy and didn’t concentrate so I lost marks on the test, but I didn’t care my “Harvey” was now just a dream no longer Jasper.

At break we met up with Lilly like we said and went to the field because it was summer and nice and warm, so we sat on the field and talked. “So Lilly I hear your brother has a girlfriend Holly is it?” I burst out, “yeah I don’t like Holly though because as soon as Jaspers out the room she is sooo mean once she knocked over my mum’s favorite vase and blamed it on me. So I don’t like her I tried to get Jasper to dump her but he wont listen.”  

After school we all went home in the limo because mum wanted us to get back quickly so we all jumped in and had a snack and drink because mum had told the driver to tell us. When we arrived at the house mum was waiting at the door, “come girls quickly I have my limo coming in half an hour I need you all to get your bags downstairs now. Off you go then” (Mums limo had adult stuff in like wine and beer but it did have a flat screen TV and lots of fizzy drinks as well as  chocolate.) when we had all dragged our cases down the windy marble stairs we went to see mum who was in the lounge, she was sitting next to Harry.

“Okay dear now I can’t tell you exactly where were going because it will ruin the surprise but I know you’ll like it and your friends will to. But were going on a vacation, and because your bringing your friends I thought I would invite Harry to.” Mum declared.

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