Not Quite As It Seems

Adam is a bit of an odd ball; in as much as a circle is round, the sky is blue and a sandwich is a sandwich... or is it?

In a frantic search uncover the answer to this question and in the process, a true, untainted view of his sanity, he finds out much more than he bargined for .....and the last thing he ever expected, was to be right!


1. Prologue

It could have been a sandwich, he excepted that much, but he himself didnt quite believe this to be true; although he wasn't sure. It wasn't that he was anti-sandwichiest - sandwichiest being the culinary form of an athiest. No! He was just more open to the possibility that it might not, in fact, actually be one. He thought of himself, if anything, as more of a preacher for his cause. No matter how e-novel an idea it might be.

The sandwich in question was on a screen, which a sandwichiest would automatically say - due to the strict rules on such things - that this made it particuarly un-sandwich-like. This was a fair enough assumption, until you realised that the screen was actually showing a live feed of a sandwich and not just some computer circulated copy. Then and only then, did the real argument take place.

The real dilema was, that because the screen was showing a live feed it was in theory, still connected to that sandwich in some way; in no matter how small a way some little bit of it existed on the screen. So did that make it a sandwich itself?

'Who cares,' said George, in answer to his question, grabbing the sandwich and taking a bite out of it. 'This one tastes better.'

...and so the age old lunchtime debate continued, with whatever else Adam could get his hands on. What nobody else knew, was that it was soon to be answered, because Adam had a clever plan...
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