Tyler the Snake

An adorable little snake was still in his egg when he and his family got transferred to England from Asia. He lives with a happy 10 year old girl called Amelia. But Tyler wants to go to his natural habitat. So Amelia go's round her BFF's house and she also has 4 snakes.She brings round Tyler and Tyler realizes that its his family! Tyler then starts talking to Amelia. He says all about what he did since he was born. And now he needs to stay with his family but Amelia and him are always best friends! I'ts an amazing story, please read it!
thank you!


1. The egg

One hot, sunny day, in the warm, dry plains of Asia lived a peaceful family of Royal Python snakes. There was 5 members of the family, The father, the son, the mother, the daughter and the egg. They lived in a bush. They were a great family. The father was playing with his son and the daughter was asleep, snuggled up to her mum who was garding the egg. It was the same every day. But one day there was a sudden BANG! The snakes hid. The loud bang was a plane that had landed. Everyone peeped out of the branches, there was but one woman emerging from the plane. She held 2 pet carriers, and walked slowly towards the bush. Suddenly, she sprang and snatched the father, son and daughter and shoved them into the pet carrier. She was about to go back into the plane when she heard some more hissing from the bush. 'more of you!?' said the woman. She went back and saw the mother and the egg. The woman grabbed the mother and shoved her in the carrier with the father, son and daughter. But carefully placed the  egg in the spare carrier and surrounded the egg with soft pillows. The woman  went back onto the plane to go to England but when they got there somthing terrorble happened....

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