The Girl

A teenaged girl called Sophie , lives in a children's home.She has no one to care for her, so she decides to run away, but where will she go?


1. The Departure

Walking in the door I pulled of my heels and flopped onto the sofa. My feet were sore and swelling, that was the last time I was wearing five inch heels. Resting my eyes ,I fell into a light sleep.I could feel the presence of someone in the room, they were staring down at me ,watching me, waiting for me to wake. Finally, I decided to pretend to wake, yawning and looking up into Suzanne's eyes. "Where have you been Sophie?" "Just into town with a few old friends “I replied, picking myself up of the sofa and grabbing my coat of the floor. "Old friends? Old friends? Sophie please tell me it wasn't Rolli."Suzanne grabbed my coat of me and walked away, so I trailed off to bed. Suzanne was one of the workers at The Range Children’s Home and Rolli was an old friend of mine, I was only young and he seemed really cool, he showed me how I could live on my own obviously, it didn't last long I was put into care and Rolli was put into a young offenders institution centre because he'd raided shops and got involved in drugs. I am grateful I was put into the children’s home because I have seen how people are when influenced by the wrong things and I am glad my life took a turn for the better not for the worse like Rolli's. It was about 7 O'clock at night when I left home, I'd got a text from Rolli saying he was out of the young offenders institute and wanted to meet up with me. Luckily, and Suzanne wasn't in, so I snuck out and went into town. Rolli was outside the cinema when i arrived and greeted me with a hug. "Hi, how are you? I’ve missed you so much, what have you been up to since I've been gone? Why you dressed like that? Ha-ha" "I'm fine thanks; I’ve just been at home really and hey! I didn’t know we were just going to the cinema."We laughed it off and strolled into the cinema. The film we saw was pretty rubbish but Rolli seemed to enjoy it so when he recalled bits and laughed about them, I joined in too. Rolli told me that the institution had changed him; he was off drugs and wouldn't think twice about crime. He said that he needed a job but knew how hard it would be getting one with his criminal record, so i suggested him being a councillor and helping people out of the situations he also got himself into, he told me he'd definitely look into it. I felt really good about myself all night then thinking I'd helped someone I knew hopefully achieve something with their life. After I'd got home, had the confrontation with Suzanne and went to bed, I was woken by a text from Rolli saying he wanted to meet again sometime in the week. I replied with sounds good speak soon and went to bed with a smile on my face. In the morning I got up , got showered , clothed and went out to meet Rolli at the park at the end of our road. When I arrived he was with a group of boys laughing and messing around , some of them I recognised from his 'smoking gang'. I felt like turning around and going home .Rolli told me he'd stopped drugs and crime, he obviously never stopped hanging around with those who influenced him. Rolli spotted me and walked away from the group to meet me. His coat smelt strongly of drugs. "You've been smoking." I said shrugging off the hug he was going to give me. "What? No that’s them the smell must of clung on to my clothes" "Yeah, did it cling on to your breath to?"I shouted at him and turned to go home .Rolli just stood there, he knew it was his fault. Tears rolled down my face as I text him. I thought you had changed, obviously not. He never replied and I am glad because from that moment he knew I'd never trust him, and what’s the point in being friends with someone you can't trust?

When I got home Suzanne was waiting for me, unable to contain myself I told her everything. She didn't care."It's your own fault Sophie; I told you he was bad news."Once Suzanne had said this I realised no one cared about my life and that I should take my life into my own hands. I thought over a few ways I could leave to go to a better place, maybe even a different country. The best I could come up with was to take money from Suzanne’s bank account; I already knew her password because I’d helped her out with her online banking account. I decided to go to the supermarket to do the weekly shop for Suzanne, I would the go to the bank and get some money out. My plan went together and I was back home and packing at midday with £250 in my pocket. By 6 O’clock I’d managed to have my tea, convince Suzanne I didn’t feel well and go to bed, tomorrow was going to be a busy day.I set my alarm clock for 6 O’clock and waited in bed thinking about the day ahead

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