Seaglass collecting can be tough!

Just when she thought it was safe to breathe and that all that needed to be done had been done, so began another chapter in an already hard life.


1. Chapter 1

The Kestrel few high above her head.

She realised as she craned her neck skyward that maybe it wasn't a kestrel after all, for she knew it could be a pigoen, a sparrow.

Any bird really, what would she know. A town girl raised on a big sprawing south London estate.

Then she remembered all the things about the country side her mother had taught her and with a second more keener look, her first instinct, she realised was right.

It was indeed a kestrel. It hoovered and dipped, hoovered and dipped again. Moving slighty to the right hoovering and dipping before suddenly like lightening it dipped towards the ground speeding up faster and faster as if it would hit the ground at breakneck speed. Then it disappeared into the long grass.


She looked over at her yougest son. No longer a boy, but not quiet yet a man. He lay flat on his belly watching the spot where the bird had landed camera in hand. Suddenly with a cry the kestrel took to the sky and she heard the familar whine of the camera as her son tract it's path skyward with his camera. The kestrel climbed higher in the blue cloudless sky, carrying it's prey with it as it speed away. All the time the camera continued to whine. Soon the kestrel was gone from sight.

As she walked over towards him, he rolled over. "Did you see it? Did you see it Mum"? His excitement was infectious. She plonked down next to him and pulled hard on her joint - it was a good mellow smoke and had worked it's usual magic on her. She was relaxed and happy. "Yes love, do you think you got that one"? she asked him softly looking into his ginning happy face. "The sooner we get back to the house, the sooner we'll know" He jumped to his feet and started running down the hill, shouting at her as he went to get a move on, that really she wasn't to old for running. She laughed at his easy manner and almost started running, but she was way to mellowed out for that. He called out to her that the first one to the car was driving. She loved his banter, it had gone on between them for years and he had grown in confidence about just how far to take it without offending. To the extent that he could banter with anyone.

"Hey! you old person" she looked down the hill to where he was. There he was standing on the roof rack of her car arms waving, laughing at her with her car keys in his hand.

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