The Saga: New Found Freedom

Freya is an ordinary farmer girl, but when her Uncle kills a dragon in his land. She runs away, but she meets Prince Arthur of Camelot and Merlin. She realizes her powers, and uses them to good use. But there is still one question that has never been answered. Who are her real parents?


1. Freya-Journey's End

A Dragon's death is a blessing for the man that murdered the mighty creature. For many people see a Dragon, and quiver in fear, for a knight. There is a different story. Every knight that kills a Dragon, the King of our land will give a bag of gold. Which is a lot in our case, but there's a problem. The Dragons are disappearing, maybe of extinction or maybe they can sense the danger that is closing in. I have seen a dragon die, and that's why I'am wondering this Earth search of something more meaningful. The sun was high in the sky, and sapphire coloured the sky above. The trees in the low density of the Forest swayed in the wind. As I walk down the dirt road towards Abractus, the capital of this Kingdom, Cintalonta. Where the King, Queen, Prince and the two twin Princesses lived in their castle. I looked ahead to the see the city amount a large, and the grey brick castle on the top. The wind swept through my dark red hair. And threw it towards the castle. I looked river lower down of he valley, I only noticed then. I followed the smell of the crisp fresh water, and came to a clear river, which flowed from the mountains above me. I knelt down next the water, and cupped the water in my hand. I looked at my reflection, and my face dirty from the many miles I have traveled. I splashed the water on my face and rubbed my fingertips upon my face. Removing all traces of dirt. I sat at the river, watching the river breathe life into the air. My problems were barely beginning. A dragon is a gift to this Earth, amongst with all magical creatures, such as the Pegasus. Another winged gift, or the unicorn. Capable of healing any wound, except death. I looked to the mountains, the snow on the tip top of the point. The Dragon wasn't the only reason, but I was part of the other reason. My father was the one that slayed the dragon, and claimed the reward. Gaining my strength I lifted myself to my feet, walked back up the slope to the dirt. I pulled the hood from my black cloak up,and walked down the road. As I came to the large gap between the to white walls, two guards nodded at my presence. I bowed, and walked through to the city within the walls. Many shops and stalls lined the streets, and buildings as well. A large flag waved proudly in the air, the flag of our kingdom. A green flag, with a red dragon, with two swords crossed in front of it. The meaning of the flag has changed over the years. It used to mean, that our kingdom protected the dragons. But now it means that we would kill a dragon it we see one. Well not all people, but most. I came to the centre of the city, a large fountain spat water into the air. A golden statue of a Dragon rearing in the air, with it's wings spread wide, rising towards the heavens. Behind the fountain was the great white steps, that lead to the magnificent castle. Unlike other woman of my age, I do not daydream of being Queen, living in the greatest of all places in the land. Though I'am seventeen, I do not look like it, I look as if I'am twenty-one. I'am currently wearing a long burnt orange tunic down to my ankles and leather shoes. My hair curled down to my waist, like twisting fire. A shadow was cast from behind me, I turned to see a large man. Dark grey hair, and dull brown eyes. I looked at me, “Well hello,” I hesitated, but I bowed my head. “Hello,” I said politely. He removed the upon his head, and bowed. “I'am Daniel Kenneth of Abractus, where you are standing.” He smiled strangely, “I'am Freya Perdy of Farla, the small village of the South.” He nodded, and he began to speak, “I see you have no horse.” I looked around me, as if I didn't know that. “I can't afford one,” I shrugged my shoulders. “You should go and see the royal stable man, Philip. The royals have currently have got new horses, he lives in that house.” He pointed to a wooden house near the steps that lead to the castle. “Thank you,” I bowed, he bowed back. And he continued towards the city market. I walked over to the wooden house, and breathed in deeply and lifted my had to knock on the door. But the door swung open, and there stood a ginger haired man. “Oh sorry,” I apologized immediately, he laughed. “Don't worry, how can I be of service?” My mind went blank as I tried to remembered. “Daniel Kenneth said that-” “There are horses from the royals' stable.” I nodded, he did not look confused he look pleased. “Of course, the royals have ordered me to pass on the horses to those in need of one. Come, we must walk to the stables at the top of the hill, do you mind?” I shook my head, and he lead me to the snow like steps. And we began to climb up them. “So, how come I haven't seen you in Abractus before?” He questioned, my legs were beginning to ache from the length that I have walked. “I don't live here, I'am from Farla the small village-” “Wait.” He stopped me from speaking, “You walked from Farla to here?” I nodded. “How long have you been walking,” I shrugged my shoulders. “Do not know. three or four days.” His green eyes widened, he look impressed. “Wow, that's quite impressive, but why?” I sighed, trying to forget the memory myself. “My father murdered a helpless Dragon before my eyes when it crashed landed on our farmland. And he claimed the gold, disgusted, I left.” Finishing my sentence plainly and clearly, and painfully. We came to the top of the steps, and I was swept away by the sight of the castle. I almost fell over on a small rock, Wouldn't mind living here, I said to myself. We came to a secure wooden stable, Philip walked to the end stable, I followed. I was startled when I horse poked their head, “Whoa.” Philip laughed, and patted the horse's neck. A beautiful dapple grey female stood magnificently before me. Her coat like a light grey winter sky, and snow falling down. And her mane and tail were a sort of yellow. She was perfect, she nudged me gently. I stroked her soft long face, “Why isn't she being kept?” “Well, Princess Sara is very picky, and she wanted a pure white horse. She never bonded with this horse, she doesn't even have a name, but she's yours if you want her, so?” I looked at him “That would be brilliant Philip, thank you.” He smiled, pleased. “Well at least she will be treated better with you, hold on, you might need a saddle and reins.” And he jogged off, I looked into the horse's eyes, like the moon was in her eyes. “Moonstone, that shall me your name.” I stroke her powerful neck. I laughed, since I have left my old life, everything had been so much better. I'am free, to walk, talk and think what I want. I removed the bag from my leather shoulder from my shoulder, and pulled out a apple. Moonstone lifted her head in interest. I held my palm out flat, the apple of the centre. She gently removed apple with her teeth, and ate the juicy fruit. Philip came over carrying a leather set of reins and a saddle, and a saddle pad over his shoulder. I rushed over and catched the saddle just before it dropped to the dusty ground. “Thanks,” I laughed sarcastically. “Actually I should be thanking you. You are giving me a horse,” he tilted his head slightly as we walked towards the stable. “True,” he showed me how to put the saddle and reins. Even though I've lived on a farm since I was very little, I never learnt any of that. I'am the youngest of four children, two sisters and a brother. My father would always been in the fields with my brother, my mother would be teaching my sisters. I would always getting into the mud. But I have a hidden talent of drawing and sketching, so living on a farm was a huge advantage. He removed the saddle and reins, and I put them back on, quite quickly surprisingly. “Okay, I think you will be alright,” he Philip stated. “Philip!” I woman called, Philip lead Moonstone to the courtyard. And patted her neck, it was then I saw the woman that owned the voice. It was the Queen, behind her was her two daughters Sara and Ellen. “There you are Philip, I need you to do me a favour,” she stopped when she saw me. The Princesses look just like their mother, though they weren't identical. They had dark brunette hair, almost like charcoal. They all wore red, long elegant gowns. “So who pray are you?” she questioned me, I bowed quickly. “I'am Freya Perdy of Farla,” I spoke quickly. “So have you claimed my old horse? Sara asked. I nodded, “Well at least she will be put to use.” Philip whispered in my ear, “Leave, I will see you later.” I nodded, and mounted Moonstone. And rode out of the gates at the side of the courtyard, into the Enchanted Forest. The trees were always orange, yellow and red, as if it was always Autumn. As Moonstone walked down the slope from the castle, and lead to a dirt road. She swayed her head and neck from side to side. The mountains in the distant, and the river that followed after the road. Looked as if it was a painting. The leaves never fall off the trees, as if it was magic. Well it is, but it's a saying. A wizard thousands of years ago devoted his life to this Forest, saying 'I will never leave until it is always Autumn.' Everyone knows the story, but it's not my favorite story. My favorite is of a Water Dragon, that pushed the seas to the side, to a injured solider could see his family one more time before he died. I heard a shouting from behind me, I stopped. I looked behind me, from the distance I could see a black horse with it's rider being chased by several archers on different coloured horses. “RUN!” the rider shouted to me, I kicked Moonstone into speed. And she shot out like fire from a Dragon's mouth. As she galloped as fast as she could, the archers were slowing down. I shout of pain called from the rider, the archers retreated. The black horse rode down to a slope, to a crystallized lake, trees lined the rim of the waterline. The rider collapsed onto the grass, Moonstone chased after the black stallion. She reared into the air when she stopped, I jumped off to aid the rider.
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