Red Blood Mansion

This story is about a boy who enters a mansion in search of his football. But he finds much more in 19 Franklin Mansion


1. The mansion

The ref ( My 8 year old brother) Called for half time as he pulled his cardigan which had been a marker for the post. As I settled down he snatched a towel from my brother and dabbed the beads of sweat dripping from my head. I grabbed paul and started a conversation with him about tactics. When I finished my sandwich the whistle blew and I jogged onto the pitch stretching my arms and rolling my shoulders. The ball was in play and I took a deep breath. Here it came. BLAST ! I kicked it with all my might. the ball went up into the air. A few seconds later there was a large SMASH ! everyone legged it from the pitch. I started to run. Wait I thought I need my ball. I doubled back to the place where the smashing sound had erupted from. I eased through one of the broken fence slats. And squeezed through the window that the ball had smashed. The wooden window doors blew in the wind. As I tumbled to the floor they slammed and bolted. Wierd I thought. I carried on the search for my ball. I felt like turning back but the ball was special to me. it was the only memory of my mum who had died 3 years ago. She had gave me the ball 6 months before she was diagnosed with cancer. As the images of her flashed into my mind, I walked into another room. The couch  was covered in blood as was the fireplace. The floor was covered in spiders. I had a bad feeling about this. I peered through a dusty window. I saw 18 Franklin House. My stomach turned. All of a sudden i felt sick. I ran to the other side of the room. There it said 20 Franklin House. I gaped at the sign. I was in 19 Franklin House.I looked around frantically. Panic was whirring round my body. All of a sudden my tiredness from football was replaced with fright and anxiety. I called out. Everyone must have ran out of earshot. I slowly approached the door to the hallway. I opened it just enough to slide through. I scanned the area for any type of threat. I thought to my self this is stupid it was only a mansion that was covered in blood and nicknamed red blood mansion. The name could have been a misunderstanding. I stomped my foot to assure myself no one was present except for me. It raised my spirits a bit but the odd chill of the house really didn't help to improve the atmosphere. I stomped up the stairs with deliberate force and stopped at the middle certain that something was ready to pounce on me as soon as I reached the top. Once again I was assured of my safety. I searched the room for any sign of a smashed window but all of them seemed to be smashed. I had searched all the rooms with no sign of my ball. I returned to the hallway sighing hopelessly. I looked around even up for some reason.Looking up was what I regretted. There I saw a entrance to an attic. A voice in my head said "Thats it, were not going up there. But then the image of my mother flashed into my mind again. I tugged the string. A ladder came tumbling down along with about a ton of dust. I looked up once more into the darkness. I Grabbed the ladder and pulled my self up.

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