Once upon a time there was a young mother called Sally.
A storey for a mother to read.


1. Eddy Bears


Once upon a time there was a young mother called Sally who had a beautiful baby girl called Farrah, one day Sally was told that Farrah would have to go into hospital for a couple of days. At the thought of being away from Farrah, Sally began to cry,
“Who will look after my little girl if I'm not there?”
the tears rolled down her face.
As if by magic, Grand Daddy Stiggy appeared next to Sally.
“What's all these tears for?”
“It's Farrah, she has to go in to hospital for a couple of days, but if I am not with her, who will look after her?”

Old Stiggy placed his arm around Sally,
“Being a grown up, you have forgotten your friends the Eddy bears.”
“Don't you mean Teddy bears?”
“Nope, the Eddy Bears, the Eddy Bears are special, when the grown ups have left the room, the Eddy bears come out to play with all the little boys and girls, keeping them safe till there mummy's or daddy's can come back to see them, then they disappear like magic.”

“If you think back really hard to when you were just a little bit older than Farrah, you may remember your gang of Eddy Bears, all the colours of the rainbow they were, Shark was the Name of your Gang leader, and I think Farrah's gang leader is Finbar.”

“My Eddy Bear gang leader was “Snort” great big orange bear he was.”
but that's another story said Stiggy”
tonight when you tuck little Farrah in, just tell her Finbar will be along in a minuet and see what happens.”

Sally pulled a hanky out to dry her tears, when she looked up Grand daddy Stiggy was nowhere to be seen. In fact she didn't every remember seeing Stiggy before. But that night as Sally was tucking baby Farrah in bed, she said “Finbar will be along in a minuet” Farrah let out the biggest chuckle Sally had ever heard. As Sally closed the door she blew her little girl a kiss. And she thought to her self, “I wonder what colour Finbar is, will he be Sea Blue like shark.”
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