poems, mostly composed when heartbroken or sad


1. once upon a time

long, long ago there once was a girl who trusted in love and romances whirl mis-sold a dream by the disney machine that someday her prince would arrive on the scene and so every frog that happened her way was greeted with hope but she left in dismay 'cause after she's kissed them and opened her eyes they're either still green or they feed her with lies


our brave little girl kept soldiering on though sometimes she wondered if walt got it wrong until one fine day when she'd thought hope was gone the froggy she kissed, he seemed decent and strong so she took a gamble and gave him her heart and thought ever after was now due to start he promised a future so perfect and bright she stepped out of darkness and into his light


but froggy soon changed and reverted to green all shrivelled and gnarled with a mouldering sheen said he couldn't help it and knew it was bad that she was the true love that he'd never had she tried to stand by him and help him not turn conclusion forgone but she never would learn yet still she was shocked when one day he had gone returned to the pond from where once he had come


the girl and the woman that she would become would never stop looking and kissing such scum for she needed love like a tide needs a moon an owl needs a pussycat, dish and a spoon and as she grew older her hope never died the froggys hopped over, they kissed and they lied she never gave up and her nerve never wavered for love is a feeling that ought to be savoured

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