Spooky poems and stories for scary sleepovers

An assortment of spooky poems and stories for sleepovers. These are about vampires, bats (that aren't scary in real life) ghosts and other scary things.
This is my first movella, so don't be too harsh in the comments.


1. In the middle of the night

In the middle of the night


The night was still and peaceful

As a pitch-black darkness lingered about the sky

And eerie noises crawled around

About the moonlit nigh


A woman lay in bed

And she woke with a start

She took off her duvet

And from her room she did part


She made her way to the kitchen

Walking without a sound

But when she opened a drawer

This is what she found:


A ghostly figure leapt at her

From which she did retreat

But as the ghoul came closer and closer

She lost control of her feet


As she lay helpless on the floor

The phantom danced round and round

"You'll never get the better of me!"

A ghostly voice did sound


He glided carelessly through the air

Stopping at each household

He scared each person almost to death

He scared each person cold


Where would his next stop be?

Moving towards a new neighborhood

Under the cover of night

Silently moving he would:


"I know where you live!" he cried

"I'm moving towards your village!

All the souls in the town:

That is what I'll pillage!"

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