The Christmassy Mood

A Yule-Tide story -
for kids of a poetic nature.


1. The Christmassy Mood was born.

A long time ago, long before people even had Christmas, they used to live on top of each other in big wooden huts.
Even though the huts were very big there was never enough room for an argument. So everyone had to learn to get on well with everyone else.
People being people it was very hard for them to always get on. But, as there was nowhere else to go everyone did their very best and after a while everyone knew each other very well.
In those days the winters were longer and the winter nights were colder and darker then they are today. The people living in their big wooden huts had a hard time in the cold and the dark.
It was hard for the birds and animals too. In the short winter days they hunted for food under the snow. They left footprints and long shadows on the thick deep snow as the low winter sun set. In the long winter nights there was nothing for them to do but sleep or try their best to keep warm.
Because life was so hard for everyone in the winter the people often felt sad and depressed. This would make them start arguments. And even though the huts where very big there was never room for an argument. So, people being people, they did what people always do when times get tough. They decided to cheer themselves up with a big winter celebration.
A really good celebration needs a lot of hard work, and that takes time - and in the long dark winter nights they had plenty of time.
A really good celebration should have a really good feast. So they saved up all their best food until the weather was really bad and the nights where really long and dark.
A really good celebration should have presents. Everyone knew each other very well and so they all knew what was a good present to give.
In those days, before people invented shops, people had to make everything they needed themselves. So they all made their special gifts during the longest darkest nights and shortest days and kept them hidden and secret until the special day of celebration came.
In those days the winters were so long that it was always a very long time to wait. When it is cold and dark waiting takes an even longer time than normal. But just getting ready for their great day was such fun that people really began to look forward to it and slowly they began to really enjoy their winter.
In all the long dark nights of winter with all the people thinking long and hard about how to make their family and friends happy there was so much happiness around that some of it floated up out of their hearts and rested in the things they saw at that time of year.
And then at last it came. The winter celebration that we now call Christmas was always a big sucsses with everybody. Everyone got what they wanted. Everyone ate what they liked (and left what they didn't) and everybody got on well with everyone else because there is never enough room for an argument, even in a very big hut.
And so it passed, but the people remembered their big celebration at the back of their minds and next year when the snow fell again they thought how really nice it was.
When they saw the animals running around hunting for food, or saw the little footprints they left in the snow, people laughed as they remembered their last big celebration and looked forward to the next one.
As the sun hung low in the winter sky it left long shadows which reached out from the snow covered trees. When people opened the hearts to let in the sights of winter it stirred up more memories and remembering them stored up even more for people to remember for years and years to come.
When people next saw all the sights of winter where the happiness had been saved from last year they felt the happiness brand new all over again.
Each year that passed the stored happiness grew and grew until it was so big that it became a Mood.
The Mood soon grew so big that it could be found everywhere when the days where short and the nights were long, when the sun was low and the trees were bare, when the branches were covered in snow and the shadows where long and the animals left footprints hunting for food.
That was how the first Christmassy Mood was born.
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