Safety or Love?


1. Worst Dream Ever

“If we don’t leave right now, it will be a killing spree Angeline. We have to leave, hurry up.” Dec had worry on his face, pulling my hand in order to flee the war I had started.
How did I even get here? With my life in the hands of the one I love. Getting put straight in the middle of a war that has been happening for centuries; in which I’m the prize?…

My Monday morning alarm went off at 6:00am. As if I’d get up on the first ring. I grumbled, turned over to hit the snooze button. 10 more minutes. Falling straight back to sleep I was transported into a dark place.
I was standing on the edge of a lake, the colour drained out and all life gone, it looked like a sea of black poison. Framing the poison pool were giant plants and bushes. I didn’t dare to make a sound. Who knows what was in the foliage surrounding me. I looked up and saw a withered, lifeless tree. Compared to the other trees around me, full, wet leaves.; this monster had nothing. Not one leaf. Treading carefully I made my way to the mount where it stood. Getting closer and closer my feet picked up more speed. My heart drummed out more beats. As I got to the bottom and looked up I did see something after all. Hanging from the tree before me. A skeleton. Dry and broken, only the head and torso remained on the string from the neck. Looking down at my feet and shedding a unknown tear I looked over and down the mount. Thousand of men, fighting each other. All with wings, some black wings. Some white wings. One women, in the centre, looking at me. Evil in her eye and a twisted smile on her lips, she turned away and walked. With one wing black and one wing white.
I sat bolt upright in bed, panting and sweating. “It was just a dream.” I told myself, sliding my legs out of bed. “Just a dream.”
I didn’t honestly see what I had dressed myself in this morning. The terrifying dream was still playing in my mind. Over and over I saw it: the poisoned lake, the huge mount, the ghostly tree, the skeletons half a body, the winged warriors. The women. The evil eyes, and the twisted smile. The blood bath.
This isn’t a good frame of mind to be in for the first day back to school. I’ll push it from my mind until after school, when I was alone, to collect my thoughts.
Walking in the school gates I was greeted by my friends, was asked the question ‘How was your summer?’, and heard a whisper over the crowd.
“You.” I couldn’t tell if it was a male or female voice. But which ever one it was, it wasn’t friendly. “You saw us. You die.”
And with that, I hit the floor with a smack and passed out.
I saw it all again, but quicker, snaps, pictures of the horror. Poison lake. Dried skeleton. Winged warriors. Twisted smile. Poison lake. Huge mount. Half a body. Evil eyes. Poison lake. Ghostly tree. One women. Blood bath…
My eyes opened, blurry and watered. I blinked in a rush trying to focus on the person tapping me gently on the face to wake me.
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