An interesting story must be read


1. the start and the end

The key to escape from a miserable life is studying and getting high degrees. Leila belived in that for many years; She dreamt to save her family from their hellish life. Her father was unknown to her . All what she knew about him is his old picture. Hermother was as old as the father's picture; therefore, she was not able to work and feed her five children. They were living thanks to people's charity. Leila decided to leave school when she had known that it was impossible to keep on studying. She decided to look for a job that can ensure medication to her mother and good education to her brothers. Her only degree was her fresh body. She decided to sell her body to feed her family. She put the school's uniform away and she wore attractive clothes to make sure all hunter's eyes would be on her. She went to a place as dirt as its people. It was a dark street full of buthers who were looking for some tasty meat. Leila was looking for someone who could pay enough to enjoy her virginity. The first client was a white man with a tough look and a white moustache. His car was a proof to his wealth. Leila was not experienced enough to know how to deal with clients. He picked her up to his house, and with a disgusting look he asked her, do you not think you are so young to be free? are you not terrified of your parents? do you not think about your future? she started crying and she told him her story. She told him about her disable mother and her brothers. He took pity on her , and her told her that he was not ready to be the tool for comitting suicide. However, he told her that he was ready to help her and her family. He asked her to join one of his firms and he told her that he was ready to teach her everything about his buisness. She returned home with some money from her future boss ans with a strong determination to continue studying to convince the man that she was just a lucky victim of a monstre called poverty.
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