Cameron Cross (book 1)

this is the first out of 3 books about the 12 years old demon theif.

Person Gallery:
Cameron Cross:
Cameron is 12 years old demon boy without powers in this book. he's a child genius, which is something he reminds people of all the time. He has a very annoying personality & he would be the perfect bad guy.

Yumi Asakura:
second main character, she is 10 years old and a very tomboyish person, she hates loosing, she has a sweet tooth unlike Cameron who hates EVERYTHING sweet, she's Japanese & a human girl.

Edward Evans:
he is 25 years old & he's Cameron's bodyguard. he is exstremely huge & strong. He hates his young imployer & his 'evil' sceams.

Elias Fuerst:
Elias is a german count in Cameron's dimension, which is called Eden. He is the only one at Cameron's school who wants to talk to Cameron. Elias is a year older than Cameron and they are not in the same class. Elias is a Elfen.

Monique Devika:
she's a french noble from Eden, she's the heir to a big society of Witchs. she is a transfer student. she is 12 years old, she is very shy & she wears glasses

Ann Sophie Fransson:
she's a half human, half Elf. she's REALLY aggressive and she HATES Cameron from the moment they meet each other. She is 16 years old and she always has a gun on her.

Sookie Standhouse:
main bad guy in this book. She is 15 years old and has a heart disease. She lives in the U.S.A. in our world, she owns her own jewelry production & she is a vampire.

that was the main characters for this book ^_^


1. Child Genius

Central London, England

At the center of London there was a coffee shop with a red and golden theme, which seated a little, pale boy. "it's way past time, why has he not arrived yet?" the boy asked his companion, an 8.2 feet tall, bald man in a black suit. The boy wore a suit as well; a dark blue one that complimented his tousled raven hair and sapphire eyes and was 4.9 feet tall. “Why are you asking me? You are the genius Cameron” Cameron sighed and began looking around again and talked as if it was to himself. “Of course, I'm the Genius...” then he sighed again. “A cup of Earl Gray tea please” he said to the barman. “Coming in a bit” the barman answered and went out back. “Oh good grief, how long is he going to make us wait?” this time it was a question to himself. He looked at his wrist watch of pure gold and saw that the clock was 11:31 PM. “He is 1 minute and 24 seconds late! How dare he?” the giant man was about to say. “You are always like 2 or 3 hours late for school” but he didn't. Cameron was known for begin exactly on time for everything, but not school. He didn't care much about school for himself, but for others it was necessary, he thinks this way because he is a child genius, and a damn clever one, he had not only once, not twice but whole 10 times won the gold trophy in an intellect competition, and those are only hold once a year. The questions that were at the competition were so difficult that even Albert Einstein would have had trouble with them. The barman came with a cup of Earl Gray tea to Cameron who was just sitting and waiting. “I'm going to go insane of waiting!” he mumbled to himself. The big man with him was thinking to himself that he thought that the young boy already was insane for coming here. "Cameron, why is it that you have to go and make my job harder than necessary?” Cameron starred at the big man. “What do you mean Edward?” he asked. The bodyguard knew that Cameron did know what he was talking about, he was just playing innocent. “You know what i mean!” Edward answered. Cameron face palmed, fell back into his chair and closed his eyes. The cafe was empty except for the barman cleaning up after the day's customers, one huge man looking around for suspicious things and a pale boy, Cameron sat and stirred his tea cup. “I'm tired of waiting Edward” he said: “Then think things through one more time” Edward answered and thought. “The same was your teacher last school day when you decided that you would come 5 hours and 59 minutes late so you only had an 1 minute school day” Cameron glanced up from his teacup, looking at Edward as though he was an idiot. “I have done that 376 times now!” he said. “Don't overreact like that” Edward responded. Cameron took up a piece of paper from his pocket, it had a lot of markings on it and for every 50 there was a ring with the total sum in it. There were 7 rings and after that there were 26 more markings the total sum was 376 markings. “Am I overreacting?” Cameron asked in an offended tone and took a sip of his tea and began looking around, the walls were painted with golden paint and the seat covers were red and made of silk. Many probably wouldn't notice the good quality but not Cameron, he has a good eye for good quality, if someone had something he liked they should first be happy and later scared. After all they were now dealing with the world's most dangerous thief. The Phantom Thief is what he was called, suited him quiet well in many ways, but those will be for another good time. The Phantom Thief had been active for 30 years; however the thief had gotten sneakier the last 2 years in his entering and leaving. It’s the same as always. A week before he’ll send a note saying what he want to steal, when he’ll arrive and how he’ll enter, but it’s in codes so weird that no one can figure it out and even after no one can see it.    Cameron took a sip more of his tea and took out his golden pocket watch; the clock was 11:35 PM, “Now he is 5 minutes and 43 seconds late!” he said and put his watch back into his pocket. Edward did not enjoy the company of his employer, but the pay was good and, well… it was never boring around the young charge. Cameron suddenly stood up staring out the window, “Finally!” he said with a quiet voice and his vampire smile spread all over his pale face.

Angus Baker was a red head with a giant beard. He looked like a very dangerous person, full of scars in his face and all over the body. He had tattoos up and down his arms and Cameron was sure that there were tattoos on his chest as well. He was a little smaller than Edward in many ways. Angus began looking around, but the café was empty except for the barman, a huge man-mountain and a tiny pale boy with black hair and blue eyes. He walked over to the table they were sitting at, “the Phantom Thief I presume?” he whispered and reached his hand out to Edward. Edward didn’t take it and in embarrassment Angus’ hand went up behind his head, the hiding of his mistake was a fail. Cameron, who felt frustrated and angry about being ignored and mad about the mistake on Angus Bakers side, fake-coughed two times to get attention, “You are awfully late you know mister Angus Baker!” he said and emptied his cup of tea, he turned towards the bar and said “A cup of English breakfast tea please” to the barman, “right away sir!” he said and went out back. Cameron turned to Angus again, “From now on be on time!” Angus Baker starred at the boy and turned his head a little up and saw the clock, it was hardly 6 minutes past half past 11 PM, “I’m only 5 minutes late!” he said. Cameron answered, “You are 5 minutes and 58 seconds late. That’s inexcusable!”

The barman came out with a cup of English breakfast tea, “Here you go sir” he said and walked over behind the bar again and continued cleaning. Angus looked at Cameron and decided to ask him something that was bothering him “How old are you?” Cameron took a sip of his tea and smirked a little, “11 at the moment, however in about 24 hours and 23 minutes I’m 12” Angus was stunt, he just starred at the young boy in front of him.   


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