Poetry for the sane

There isn't allot to say about this it's just poems which I hope people like.


1. My first poem to put up called "poem for the sane"

So many times I've walked down
This lost and lonely road
I've lost many people yet
So many times I've cried about
What we had and cruelty wrecked

I was a dreamer and you were a dream
And reigning this great kingdom
Is harder to bare,
Weight is no burden on my shenyi
This weight is an anchor

Still broken hopes, lives and eyes
Do not eat my soul
I still exist so long as you replay
You're my every achievement
My little win each day.

But though strength is found in pain
All the salt in the sahara irritates my open wounds
Weakness is found in the sane,
I guess that's me.
For that I'm a shamed

Eating propaganda like the scared eat hymns
No, People tell me I'll mend
They Implore their suggested sanctions
Lay a head down for sanctuary
Please spare me there's no rest in pain

I am doing this my own way
Therapy wouldn't agree
But I am me
Indeed it perplexes me the petulance of some perpetual pugnacious pricks
I will hang onto the pain
I shall, write it in rhyme
After all weakness is found in the sane
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