'Waves of Oil - A Lapse of Reason' The Rena: Ecoantics That Changed Our World.

‘Waves of Oil - A Lapse of Reason’

As a result of an irresponsible birthday whim, by the drunken skipper of the Liberian registered container ship Rena, one of the most beautiful coastal regions of New Zealand has become yet another completely avoidable environmental disaster zone.

The environmentally pristine marine coastline of the Bay of Plenty, along with New Zealand’s internationally known clean, green reputation has been severely damaged and undermined; effectively for the sake of a birthday celebration for the Filipino Captain.

Tons of oil and cargo, including highly concentrated toxic chemicals, have spilled into the ocean, as the ship’s hull buckled and tore during a storm four days after the Rena was driven onto a well documented local reef, in calm seas and at full speed. Now hundreds of tons of that oil and toxic sludge now cover our coast, our beaches, our marine and seabird life, moving up and down the coast with the tidal flow. Kiwis consider this event to be the greatest environmental disaster in our history.

Beyond the incompetent and arrogant ecoantics of the drunk captain and officers of the Rena, they then asked to evacuated as a storm bore down on the stricken ship and it became blatantly obvious that it would break up. “Amazing!” I thought and I knew that I was not alone in my disbelief at how this whole affair has played out. As we scrape up the tons of oil and dead wildlife covering our beaches and will continue to be doing so for years to come, I’m sure that I am not the only one who wonders if a particular drunken sailor has an address that we can deliver a few containers of toxic sludge to.

As we watch our pristine play and fishing grounds suffer, we are appalled and angry that such consequences could occur anywhere in the world as a result of greed, arrogance, or selfish actions of a drunk, who chose to do what he did knowingly and without batting an eyelash. The predictable consequences of this event were known by the master of this vessel. So I must ask this, given the fact that the event was not due to any mechanical failure, “Was this ship wrecked solely on the whim of a drunken sailor, or was it merely a deliberate act of eco-terrorism?”

What do you do with a drunken sailor? Asks the lyrics of an old sea shanty…
Believe me I have many suggestions beyond writing him poetry!! Shame on this one!

‘Waves of Oil - A Lapse of Reason’ is a poem of contempt, in ‘Tanka’ style.


1. 'Waves of Oil - A Lapse of Reason'

Chosen birthday desires Cheap Scotch and speeding Across calm and sunlit, pristine seas Sober arrogance dulls all insignificance Of coastal reefs, broken ships and pollution

Full containers of apathy break free Sinking or surfing oily waves Balanced natural order died here today In the company of shrimps and scallops Mourning seabirds cry and sink

A lapse of reason by one Can destroy the dreams The lives and futures of so many Toxic Waves of Oil Wash away the hope of more than our children.

* Rob Pearldiver * (Art of the Diver)

© Copyright 2011 Pearldiver – Art of the Diver with all rights reserved

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