A diary of a bubblegum princess

A girl named princess shine bought her a diary to write all her thoughts ins. She thought she wasnt going to like it but turns out she does Love it........


1. Diary of a bubblegum princess

My mom bought me this stupid diary to write all my thought in. Im princess shine, princess of the green apple bubblegum. I chew that everyday. Today i have to go to the ball. My mom needs to buy me dress. I dont go to school I get home schooling ever since i was five to fifteen. She says 62=26+b is like 3+3 witch is six. Its 8:30 and im getting ready for the ball. Im wearing a pink dress with a pink rose headband. When i got to the ball i danced with a person with green hair and a polka dot neck tie. The next boy was so cute he had reddish hair and was such a gentleman. When we got in the golden carriage my father said : " we're going to have to buy you a new suit". " Ok sir he answered", he's such a gentleman. Then i got home and got my puppy truffles from puppy training school. Then i went to sleep
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