Will I ? Are you?

We are in the near future. The past is gone. There is no present. Only the imminent future. Things are brewing in the underground about to explode. A new consciousness, collectively felt, no one will escape from it.


4. With Satisfaction and Great Expectations

He isn't here yet, the Baby, but it is just a matter of weeks, days. I feel sick, not knowing what is expecting me. But other fathers have also somehow survived this ordeal, right? I want things to stabilize again, be on track and going forward. But we seem to be in a rut.

Where is the escape lane, the thread to follow out of this dark cave?

Just stick it out, with pride and stamina. And dream, dream ahead, how you will play with him, love his screaming life and his smell, his smile and his activity, giving you purpose and direction, focus and doubling, a spectacle better than any TV-show or strip-show, just pure will to live and explore, and to learn, taste, make tons of mistakes and surprise! Beginner's luck success! And fall asleep into the remembrance of the tight, snug nothingness of the womb, juicy, warm with muffled echoes.

Growing up, every day, a tiny bit, with satisfaction and great expectations.

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