Rose Red

Et random, mærkeligt og måske lidt små-sindsygt digt jeg lavede på en tilfældig kedelig dag.. Og det regnede sikkert også.


1. Random and a little bit sick maybe..

Rose, Rose, Rose red

Come and see me when I'm dead

Dance, dance on my grave

There is no time to behave

Laugh, laugh, laugh loud

Pretend the ghost is just a cloud

Run, run, run fast

Have you also been harrased?

Scratch, scratch like a cat

Or are you just a plague rat?

Eye, eye, eye see

Four o'clock, it's time for tea

Call, call, call me sick

I am just a lunatic

Suck, suck, suck my blood

Little girl fell in a flood

Die, die, die in fright

Commit the art of suicide

Fight, fight and defend

Be nobody's foe or friend

In, in, in the dark

You can always find my heart

Kill, kill, kill the fear

Still my mind is so unclear

Don't, don't, don't rape

Little girl cannot escape

Ring, ring, ring the bell

Kiss me now, a kiss farewell

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