The house boat - English assignment

I just started in 10. grade and got my first english assignment. I just finished it and I would like to know what you think about it. I had the choice to write about four difference houses - And write about a person who used to live in it. I chose - The House Boat. I hope you like it. - I would love if you'd write what I could do better :)


1. The house boat

“Can we go home to your place?” that was a sentence I heard a lot when I lived in a house boat. My friends would always be home at my place. They often said that my house boat was so pretty and comfy. I also think it had something to do with the fact that my parents never were home.

They were always at work. They were never thinking about me. Never. You could actually say that I lived by myself. But I loved to live in that house boat. Whenever I went to bed the waves wisped me to sleep. I felt safe there even though my parents never were home. It wasn’t that big just a living room and kitchen in one room, a bathroom and to small bedrooms.

I lived there my whole childhood. I have a lot of memories from that house boat. Good and bad but mostly good. I remember the time my parents had time for me.

I was five years old. I was running around the living room, laughing with my father running after me. I was screaming when he grabbed me and lifted me up in the air. I couldn’t stop laughing because he started to tickle me. He tickled me, then he stopped, then he started again and he didn’t stop before I couldn’t breathe anymore.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I loved my father. He could always make me smile. Actually he didn’t just make me smile but he made me laugh. Always. But that stopped when he got a ‘very important job’.

“Mom? Can we make some cupcakes?” I looked up and gave her a huge smile. “Of course we can! Do you want to make chocolate cupcakes or vanilla cupcakes?” she smiled back at me. I crossed my arms and looked at her like she was stupid. She knew that I always wanted chocolate cupcakes. She started laughing and kissed my cheek and went out in the kitchen to make everything ready.

My mother and I baked a lot together. We were always having fun. Sometime we even had a fight were we through flour at each other just for fun. It was mostly me who started it. That also stopped because she got an ‘important job’.  


There was a time I felt very sad and alone but then He came. My first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first many things. We have so many happy memories from that house boat. We had a lot of days where we just was laying inside and watched TV while we were eating popcorn because it was a rainy day.

“What movie do you want to see?” I looked like I was thinking but I knew exactly what I wanted to see I just liked teasing him because he always was so impatient. “Go on. Let it take all day” he said mumbling. I giggled and said, “what about A Walk to Remember?” I looked at him with a begging facial expression and he sighed. “Fine but next time I want to choose”. I gave him a big hug and smiled.

I was sitting close to him with my head on his shoulder. We just saw the part where she dies and I was crying. “Are you crying?” he asked. “Of course! It’s so sad”. He gently took my head in his hands, looked me in the eyes and slowly wiped away my tears.

Like I said we had many days like that. And I loved to be around him.

We were running hand in hand because it rained. We came to my house boat and he went on deck first. He gave me a hand but I slipped and fell right into his arms. We were just standing there, looking into each other’s eyes for a while. His head slowly came towards mine and our lips ended in a soft, romantic kiss.

My first kiss I never will forget.  


That is just some of the many good memories I have from the house boat. And I could go on and on…

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