Fall of An Order

What if legends about vampires and werewolves were true and such creatures existed in the world today. Only an ancient secret order had held them at bay for centuries but was eventually defeated. All this you learn through a letter sent by an old man who was the last surviving member now deceased.


1. On the Run

What would you do, if you discovered a secret so profound not only would it endanger your life but unravel the world but? Who could you trust to turn too? Who would believe you? How long can you keep on running? These were the questions circling in my head as I fallen into such a situation a week ago. The construction season came to an end and I was homeward bound by bus to enjoy the next four months on unemployment thinking maybe even take a trip to the coast. However I forget about how life teaches little lessons in nothing goes according to plan and watch the amount you drink during a 6 hour layover. That evening I ended up passed out at the terminal and needed to catch a later bus. While waiting for the 11:30 am arrival, I overheard a driver talking about fatal crash up the highway involving the coach I would have been on. At the time I felt sorry for those in the accident but lucky I was not on that bus and nothing more could happen, only if I only know what was coming. During the ride, I searched through the backpack for smokes and found a parcel wrapped with paper-bag s No idea how, when or who put it in there. The parcel had nothing written on it except the words “Read Me”. Then this feeling entered my gut screamed to toss it in the trash, drop it on the floor just throw it away but instead, being the idiot I am, ripped it open to discover a book. While flipping through the pages it turned out to be a journal when this letter dropped out from the cover.
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